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Pisces 2006 Personal Life

Pisces: 19 February - 20 March

Element: Water

Traits: Imaginative, selfless, compassionate, kind, weak-willed.

Personal Life

Your personal affairs seem to contain several episodes that don't quite live up to their potential - and one that does These might be opportunities you fail to take, but could also be crisis points that you cleverly manage to defuse before anything too catastrophic happens The reality is probably a mixture of both.

There may be some moments where the rightward or action could make a friendship into something much deeper and sexier, but-for whatever reason-you decide not to. Equally, there may be moments where one word could bring about the end of a relationship but, again, you decide not to go down that route - at least not yet. Why make more trouble for yourself when you don't have to?

Keeping everything in neutral like this, with all options open and yet nothing definite, is probably the smartest thing you can do, and in March and July, it proves the ideal tactic for handling uncertain situations where neither of you seem to know what you really want. The one definite point in the year comes of the end of September or in early October when you meet someone with whom you feel a very definite chemistry You can tell at once that this isnt a relationship to be kept in limbo or put on a shelf until you have decided what to do, this is one you want to say °yes" to. And you do.


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