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Pisces 2006 Overview

Pisces: 19 February - 20 March

Element: Water

Traits: Imaginative, selfless, compassionate, kind, weak-willed.

To make the best of this year you need to have a plan or an idea of the direction you want to go in Usually, you are content to go with the flow and to see where the year takes you - which often produces quite good results - but there are two reasons that won't work in 2006.

The first is that the outer planets, which create the background flow of events, are in conflict so there is no overall forward flow for you to use; the second is that the planets ruling your own sign, and therefore your motives and responses, are in conflict themselves.

This means that, when it comes to important decisions, your heart and head are unlikely to agree. Indecisiveness plus uncertain circumstances are a classic recipe for getting nowhere, even getting things very wrong which is why it is important for you to have an overall plan you can stick to, even when circumstances are against you. This will help you maintain your long-term aims when making the right choices seems impossible.

It's very easy to go backwards in 2006, so simply keeping yourself on track is an achievement, and it will put you in a good position to make use of the opportunities of 2007, which will be much, much more favorable to you.


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