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Scorpio 2006 Overview

Scorpio: 24 October - 22 November

Element: Water

Traits: Determined, passionate, magnetic, intuitive, jealous.

2006 has the potential to be the best year of the decade for you Jupiter, the planet of growth, increase, reward and success, is in Scorpio as the year opens, and stays there until the end of November. This gives you almost unlimited access to the most positive influences the heavens can provide.

The only problem lies in your attitude to Jupiter - it is a planet of great honesty and openness and offers its benefits in full view of everyone; this isn't the Scorpio style at all. You would prefer to have help from behind the scenes, to be able to work away at your ambitions until they were almost complete.

Only when you were sure of success and ready to make a decisive move, would you step forward and let the world see what you'd been planning -and only for a few brief moments. Yet if you want to make full use of the opportunities which Jupiter gives you this year, you have to be more open about your intentions.

You must also allow yourself to be open to chance and random events, since one of the ways in which Jupiter works is to create unexpected ways forward from fortunate yet unplanned circumstances. To your way of thinking this sounds very much like trusting to luck. It is, though not entirely.

You must, walk the path somewhere between trusting to luck and seeking to control every eventuality, an attitude which has a definite plan of action but is still flexible enough to use any extra chances or offers of help that may turn up. If you can find this middle way, then this year will reward you generously, and long-term projects.


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