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Scorpio 2006 Personal Life

Scorpio: 24 October - 22 November

Element: Water

Traits: Determined, passionate, magnetic, intuitive, jealous.

Personal Life

In your personal relationship, this is a year where necessary changes have to be made. In extreme cases, it may mean that it is time for unsatisfactory relationships to end. For most, it will be enough if there are some serious and honest discussions with your partner about what's wrong with the relationship, some changes made as a result of those discussions, and most importantly if both sides actually do what they have promised to do, instead of lapsing back into old bad habits.

You might be tempted by an affair with someone new at the end of March, but you realise that there's more fun to be had thinking about it than actually doing it, and you say "no". Passions run rather hotter in September and October; you may find that your actions - and their consequences move the game forward, making your "what-ifs" from earlier in the year redundant.


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