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Libra 2006 Overview

Libra: 23 September - 23 October

Element: Air

Traits: Diplomatic, urbane, idealistic, sociable, indecisive.

If you don't get the promotion you were chasing, or your partner tells you he's trading you in for a younger model, resist the urge to compensate for your disappointment by spending your entire life savings on fabulous shoes, or pouring out your heart to your friends while picking up the bill for everyone at the most exclusive restaurants and clubs in town.

This is an unusual year, which will take some getting used to. On the one hand, you will find that you make less progress towards realising your ambitions than you hoped; when there are obstacles in your path, reaching your destination always takes longer than planned.

On the other hand, helpful planetary positions elsewhere in your chart make this a year in which your lifestyle - what you wear, where you live - moves a big step upwards, and you enjoy the good life. Put these two contrasting influences together and you get a period where you seem to be going nowhere, but having a very good time!

In such a situation it is very tempting to give up on your long-term ambitions and simply live life for the moment. It will seem, paradoxically, that you are being rewarded for giving up, but that is not really true. Hold on to your ambitions throughout 2006, and do what you can to consolidate your position with each step forward that you take, even if your overall progress is modest anything that is worth having is worth fighting for, and when 2007 comes, you will be glad that you didn't give up.


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