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Scorpio 2006 Career

Scorpio: 24 October - 22 November

Element: Water

Traits: Determined, passionate, magnetic, intuitive, jealous.


In your career, this year is one of high pressure and high effort, but also of high reward You function very well in this sort of environment and, if you are trying to make a name for yourself, then this year should give you the results you want, with July and August the best time. Financially, the year stark slowly but gets better as it goes on. Your best period is in November and December.

Scorpio Earning, Spending, Saving Style

Attitude To Money

Scorpio is the sign of financial clout and muscle, and you can get obsessed with making it. Money, to you, stands for power and control. Some of you grow up to be billionaires, but others may wind up going bust. Scorpios handle money quite well, but you can be financial control freaks. Secretive Scorpios sometimes try and cheat on taxes youll never, ever let on how much cash youve got in the bank. But if a friend lends you money, though, shell always get it back.

Spending Style

When spending money, Scorpios are creatures. Most of the time, youre quite careful but once in a blue moon, youll go on a spending spree. When youre saving up for something, though, youll cut all spending to the bone. Scorpios love spending on: Anything leather, books on astrology and the occult, CDs, eating out, holidays.

Saving And Investing Style

You dream of the day youll make a million, and you can be a compulsive saver. You wont reveal your money goals till you know your success is assured. Scorpions will take quite big risks at times.

Earning Power

You like to be in control where possible, so you prefer to run your own show. But you need to do something you believe in.

Zodiac Earning Zones

Finance, stock market, research, film and TV, surveillance work.

Extra-Income Ideas

Become a researcher or part-time private eye!


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