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Libra 2006 Personal Life

Libra: 23 September - 23 October

Element: Air

Traits: Diplomatic, urbane, idealistic, sociable, indecisive.

Personal Life

Your love life this year is fairly straight-forward, though there are some family issues in the first few weeks that take up more of your spare time than you would like, restricting the time you have for social and personal issues--this includes spending time with your partner.

March makes up for all that, however, by providing you with what you think is the perfect love affair though you realise very quickly that this one also comes with certain problems that weren't apparent, at first. For all that, it does seem to be what you want and the relationship develops nicely during the first half of the year.

After August, both of you feel the pressure to make the affair more meaningful, to transform it into something that shows real direction and commitment. There is, in fact, no real hurry, but as Venus and Mars get closer and closer as they both pass through Libra, you feel that you just can't wait, and by the end of October-you will have taken the relationship on, into its next phase.


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