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Sagittarius 2006 Personal Life

Sagittarius: 23 November - 21 December

Element: Fire

Traits: Optimistic, jovial, forward, philosophical, tactless.

Personal Life

The turning point of your personal life in 2006 comes in March, when there is a solar eclipse in the lovers' sec of your chart. This is a clear indication of a major new development: a new adventure, a new lover, perhaps even a child. Sometimes eclipses can simply pile one set of troubles on top of another, but this one seems to be a genuinely refreshing new departure, one which will fill you with new hopes for the future and open up new realms of experience that you will be impatient to explore.

No matter how complex the rest of your life seems to be, this eclipse seems to bong sunshine to your spring and summer and you feel confident about the eventual outcome March also finds passionate Mars adding heat to the relationship angle of your chart, so even though you may not have as much time to devote to the relationship as you'd like, those moments you are together have a memorable intensity and are more than enough to maintain your interest.

The most exciting and risky time for the relationship is in October. Though you can move the affair to a more stable basis in December, the memories of your first few meetings will be the ones you treasure most.


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