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Sagittarius 2006 Overview

Sagittarius: 23 November - 21 December

Element: Fire

Traits: Optimistic, jovial, forward, philosophical, tactless.

The high point of the year for you is undoubtedly 24 November, when your ruler Jupiter returns to Sagittarius for the first time in over a decade. Before you can enjoy that blissful moment, however, you have some battles to fight. What's more they are battles you though were already over and done with, which makes it all the more wearisome to have to go over the same ground again.

To some extent this is your own fault since you seam more than willing to step into the disputes - this time to act as a sort of arbitrator or peacemaker. But it's unlikely that you will get the clear-cut result you hope for The problem really is that you are too much of a purist. You want things to be done on good and noble principles, clearly stated and always adhered to.

Unfortunately, the rest of the world usually has principles that are anything but noble, and is happy to mislead or distort the truth Your task for this year, then, is to be a little bit more self-centred and not to waste your time getting bogged down in battles that can't be won or which won't bring you any obvious benefit. No, you're not lowering your standards, you're raising the drawbridge and being choosy about the people you spend time with, which is the sensible thing to do.


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