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Sagittarius 2006 Career

Sagittarius: 23 November - 21 December

Element: Fire

Traits: Optimistic, jovial, forward, philosophical, tactless.


In your career, the year ends well but there are one or two uncertain moments along the way when you feel unsure whether to leave or stay where you are. Not until September do you get a clear sign - and you may well feel that it is too late to be useful in your long-term plans. In your finances, you do well both early and late in the year, but August needs care, and what appears to be a reliable investment could turn out to be the exact opposite.

Sagittarius Earning, Spending, Saving Style

Attitude To Money

Sagittarius is the luckiest money sign in the zodiac. Many of you end up very wealthy indeed! You love having lots of cash, but ironically youre not that money-minded. Spendthrift Sagaittarians often lived well beyond their income. But when the chips are really down, you know how to juggle your cash. You love to speculate, and your gambles often pay off. You lend and borrow money quite freely.

Spending Style

If youve got it, you want to spend it! Youre generous to a fault, though, and always spend a lot on others. Spendthrift Sagaittarians have luxurious tastes, and will only cut spending when forced to. Sagittarians love spending on: Handmade furniture, sports equipment, designer knitwear, ethnic fashions, cameras, overseas travel.

Saving And Investing Style

Sagittarian investors take the biggest risks of all, and you win more often than you lose. You like to see rapid returns.

Earning Power

Happy-go-lucky Sagittarians like work that expands your horizons and gives you space to express your opinions. You run a mile from anything that traps you in routine. You like casual jobs when younger, and freelance work later on. Best of all, youlike work that takes you overseas.

Zodiac Earning Zones

Travel, the law, publishing, university lecturing, teaching, selling, fine art.

Extra-Income Ideas

Be a tourist guide.


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