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Virgo 2006 Overview

Virgo: 24 August - 22 September

Element: Earth

Traits: Practical, diligent, reliable, modest, overcritical.

The most important feature for you is that two of this year's three solar and lunar eclipses are either in your own sign or directly opposite to it Eclipses show where the action is really happening in the skies, so you are in for a busy time. In fact, these eclipses are part of a larger sequence of eclipses that extend into 2007, so this year and the next farm a period in which almost every part of your life changes.

Setting the agenda and creating the environment needed for the major events of the next decade of your life to unfold It will be difficult for you to imagine where the events of this year will eventually lead, so let yourself be open to all opportunities that come your way, and let the flow of events fake you along with it.

For a Virgo, this is much easier said than done since it means trusting the cosmos to handle you gently and take you somewhere good. But, as you will discover, when eclipses move you on, you often have no alternative but to go along with them attempting to resist the changes they bring is never a good idea, however reluctant you may be to leave your past behind.


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