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Virgo 2006 Career

Virgo: 24 August - 22 September

Element: Earth

Traits: Practical, diligent, reliable, modest, overcritical.


Spring is the best time for your career this year, with real progress possible between February and May. But this is a time for developing your present role rather than making a new start - that comes in 2007. Watch your spending in January, and beware financial upsets at the end of March, otherwise, this looks a prosperous year.

Virgo Earning, Spending, Saving Style

Attitude To Money

Virgos worry a lot about money, so having plenty of cash gives you peace of mind. Youre deeply independent, and you hate to rely on handouts. Pessimistic Virgos think anything could happen, and you do like to be prepared! When it comes to managing money, though, most Virgos are truly gifted. Youre brilliant at balancing your chequebook, and at keeping tabs on each cent. Youre also totally brilliant at living well on less.

Spending Style

Youll never make a major purchase till youre sure youve found the best deal. You keep a tight rein on your spending, and like to buy high-quality goods that youre sure will last and last. Virgos love spending on: Sensible clothes, self-improvement books, computers, health foods.

Saving And Investing Style

Virgos approach to investment is cautious, though you can do quite well in the markets.

Earning Power

Virgos like to feel useful, and enjoy earning money by providing a worthwhile skill or service. You prefer working behind the scenes, and like your income to be fixed and regular. Virgos can work freelance if necessary, but often find it too insecure.

Zodiac Earning Zones

Teaching, nutrition, health food retailing, nursing, crafts.

Extra-Income Ideas

Do dried flower arranging, or proofreading.


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