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Virgo 2006 Personal Life

Virgo: 24 August - 22 September

Element: Earth

Traits: Practical, diligent, reliable, modest, overcritical.

Personal Life

Your personal life will feel the effects of this year's eclipses, too The first indication you get of these celestial forces at work in your relationship is in March, when you start to have doubts about certain aspects of your partnership which you had previously taken for granted.

The more you think about it, the more you realise that you are simply following the expectations of your friends and family, and that nobody - not even you - had ever bothered to ask whether it was what you really wanted. You know you ought to think carefully about the whole relationship, but other parts of your life are clamouring for your attention and so you put the whole issue on hold, promising yourself that you will attend to it later.

The chances are that you would have continued like this for ever, but in June you get something you never would have imagined a better alternative Its a hot little affair, kept secret of course, and perhaps not real at all - just a promise. But it certainly makes you think about what you want out of your relationships, and when passionate Mars enters Virgo at the end of July you are determined to be less accepting and more demanding.

Your intentions are good, but you allow yourself to slip a little, the result being that in September you are offered and almost accept-a sloppy compromise no better than what you had before You have to be firm at this point if what you're being offered doesn't tick all the boxes on your wish list, then say "no'. Don't give in to the idea that anything is better than nothing It isn't. You deserve the best and in an eclipse year, you can demand it - and get it.


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