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Visualization And Breathing

Whether you are Jelqing, stretching or doing PC exercises, it is important to visualize your desired size and ability when you work out. Visualization can make it easier to obtain the penis of your dreams. Visualization will allow you to imagine your penis enlarging while you perform the exercises, which will make you more determined to continue with the routine and you will see results much faster. Close your eyes and get a good picture in your mind the penis size you want as you exercise.

From today onwards, every time you milk, stretch or PC flex, remember to visualize your penis growing slowly a little bit at each time and the outcome of the penis size you want. Always focus on every stroke that you take. When you Jelq, feel a good stretch and visualize a good stretch simultaneously.

Remember, training your penis is exactly the same concept as training your body. If you only visualize and refuses to workout, you won't get results. You must do the penis exercise daily at least 5 to 6 days a week. On the other hand, breathing will allow more oxygen to reach the muscle tissue, which will supply you with more energy.

This technique will also allow you to relax more and concentrate only on the exercises. Breathing is very important. It teaches patience, control, and better health by oxygenating your brain and body better. Inhale through your nose as deep as you possibly can.

When you feel like you've reached your lungs maximum capacity, keep trying until you cannot breathe in anymore. Hold for a few seconds, and exhale through your mouth slowly, taking 3-4 seconds to fully exhale. Do this with the visualization to get more results.

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