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Traction Devices Frequently Asked Questions

How Does A Penis Enlargement Traction Device Enlarge A Penis?

The enlargement traction device fits comfortably at both end of the penis and creates gentle expansion by applying continuous and calibrated pressure through the system of expandable bars. The continuous stretching helps increase the space between the penile cells and triggers a growth in the body in which adjacent cells start to divide and fill the space. With frequent usage of the enlargement traction device, millions of new cells are generated and help increase the size and tissue to the penis.

Is Enlargement Traction Device A Medically Approved Technique For Enlarging Penis?

Yes, Penis enlargement traction device is popular and well documented and is used for faster healing after surgery, injuries, burns or trauma. In simple term, traction simply means to stress the tissue by slowly stretching and then allow the body to heal and rebuild itself naturally. Some common uses of traction are the mastectomy patients who required the skin and muscle in the chest to expand before the actual reconstruction surgery.

The other example is the penis enlargement surgery patients. After the penis enlargement surgery is performed, the patients have to follow a program to help them heal, straighten and strengthen the penis with the use of traction device. Another example is the burn victims who have to create and enlarge their own skin grafts or tissue before the transplant making use of traction device.

How Can I Be Sure Enlargement By Traction Device Is Safe Before I Get Into It?

Always do some research first. Check which companies that sell traction device have been around for a while, what their source of device is, where it's manufactured and whether it's back by studies and medical practitioners. Also check if they are any money back guarantee after buying the penis enlargement traction device. View photo testimonials and communicate with or read comments from other penis enlargement traction device users who have use the product before.

Always use the penis enlargement traction device only as directed. There are some reported cases whereby some men cause themselves distress or harm by over-using the penis enlargement traction device. The parts should fits comfortably and appropriately with no sharp edges, tight grips or excessive vacuum pressure and should not produce any pain other than mild discomfort.

Finally use own common sense. Ask yourself why you would like a larger penis, are you satisfied with the penis size you have now and are you willing to make the committed and conscientious effort to increase your penis length and girth. By all means, listen to your body and consult a medical practitioner if you have any doubts or questions regarding penis enlargement traction device.

Many Men Create Monster Penises By Using Penis Enlargement Traction Device. Is That  Possible?

Penis enlargement traction device has been use by modern medical practitioners and indigenous to lengthen penises up to 22 inches. However most men nowadays are using the penis enlargement traction device to create an impressive and not freakish gain in length and girth. Though extreme penis size gains can be achieve, the possibility of serious injury increases if the penis enlargement traction device is not used according to instructions and common senses.

Why Penis Enlargement Traction Device So Costly?

Due to amounts spend in research and development, these penis enlargement traction device are manufactured to exacting surgical grade specifications. Although it may be expensive, a penis enlargement traction device with this degree of quality control and calibration tolerance will ensure safety and effectiveness. When you consider how you will use the penis enlargement traction device, Will it worth it if the penis enlargement traction device is cheap but the safety and effectiveness is poor grade?

Do All Companies Selling Penis Enlargement Traction Device Provide Guarantee?

No, most of them do not. They are some manufacturers that are substandard while others will not be around long enough to wait for those dissatisfied customers to ask for a full refund, although they do offer a guarantee. Company that sells the penis enlargement traction device will have vanished by the time the dissatisfied customers ask for a refund. Unfortunately, these dishonest companies have given the public a bad image of male enlargement products.

Always select a company that sells penis enlargement traction device which has been around for a while and guarantees 100% money back promise. Only when company provides an excellent penis enlargement traction device and services, then they will stay in this penis enlargement business for very long as happy and satisfied customers will order penis enlargement traction device from them again.

Am I Suitable For This Type Of Treatment Using Penis Enlargement Traction Device?

All men who would like to strengthen and lengthen their penises are suitable for this type of treatment whereby penis enlargement traction device is used. Men who have an embarrassing or disruptive curve to the penis (medically known as Peyronie's Disease) can also benefit from the use of this penis enlargement traction device.

How Often Do I Have To Use The Penis Enlargement Traction Device, And For How Long?

The final outcome are in proportion to the duration you spend using the penis enlargement traction device, amount of total traction force and length of treatment. Men who used the penis enlargement traction device for 8 to 10 hours daily over a course of 3 to 6 months showed measurable penis growth according to clinical studies examining men who use the penis enlargement traction device. However results may vary from each individual man.

Most men use their penis enlargement traction device during working hours for non-physical types of jobs or even during sleep. You will be able to determine the practice that works best for you, however, you should stay within the safety guidelines established by the medical designer of the penis enlargement traction device as much as possible.

What Is The Foundation Behind This Principle?

It is based in the medical principle of traction, that when executed in a controlled, gradual and progressive Manner on the penis will stimulate the growth of the suspensory ligament, corpus cavernosum, and the rest of the penile tissues.

Has The Principle Of Traction Been Used In Medicine Before?

Yes. In modern medicine this principle of traction is used to create new tissue for skingrafts, for the elongation of bones and to create new skin with hair to cover bald areas. Also this principle has been used in ancient cultures to create long necks like in the Giraffe women of Birmania and to create longer lips in certain African tribes..

But, Can The Penile Tissues Grow? Is The Penis Made Of Bone Or Muscles?

The penis is a conglomerate of elastic tissues and is devoid of muscles and bones making it easier for this tissue to respond and grow when placed in traction.

What Is The Maximum Growth In Centimeters That I Can Obtain?

It all depends on the individual, approximately 4 centimeters. One inch equals 2.5cm.

Which Is The Minimum Growth That Can Be Obtained?

The minimum growth is of 1.5 cm. The average growth is 3 cm, based on 95% of the patients.

Is There Growth Both On Erection And Flaccidity?

Yes, the growth is proportional and it will be evident in erection as well as in flaccidity.

Will It Help To Correct Penile Curvatures?

Yes. In a period of 6 to 7 months of treatment we are able to correct 70% of the curvature. There will be a marked improvement.

Are The Results Permanent?

Yes, because there has been growth of the penile tissues.

Will The Glans Also Grow?

No. Only the penile shaft. The sensitivity of the glans will not be affected.

Will The Lengthening Make The Penis Thinner?

No. The growth is proportional throughout the whole penis. There will be an increase in length as well as in girth since the new tissue formed creates more volume and occupies space.

Any Side Effects?

No. This method has no collateral or side effects as long as you follow the instructions.

Can It Affect The Erection Process Or Cause Impotence?

No, the erections will not be affected and the sexual drive is improved since the patient’s self esteem is increased due to a larger penis.

Can I Do The Treatment On My Own?

Yes, as long as you follow the instructions provided.

Is This Treatment Only For Small Penises Or For Any Other Size?

This treatment can be used to enlarge small penises as well as to increase the dimensions of medium and large ones.

Is There A Minimum Penile Length Required To Be Able To Proceed With The Treatment?

Yes, the minimum length in erection must be that of 8cm. From this measurement on anyone can start the treatment. For penises less than 10cm in length the Mini extensor will be used.

Can A Minor Use This Treatment?

A minor can use the treatment if he is between 14 and 16 years of age, as long as there is parental consent and medical supervision. It is prefered if the patient is at least 18 years old.

Which Is The Ideal Age To Begin The Treatment?

From 18 years on. The treatment can be done in older men. Our reseach included men of 60 and 70 years of age and it showed that traction will stimulate the growth of tissues at any age.

How Is This Different From The Vacuum Pumps?

Vacuum pumps work by suctioning the tissues to obtain an immediate and abrupt vasodilation. The results obtained are temporary, lasting only up to 12 hours. Frequently they will cause capillary rupture, fibrosis, hematomas and long term it may alter the capability of penile erection. Vacuum pumps are a sex-shop item and not a medical device.

When I Am Done With The Treatment, Can Someone Else Use The Device?

It is not advised to share the device with others.

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