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SizeGenetics System ReviewBelow are the most frequently asked questions/answers regarding the SizeGenetics System. All these information are extracted from their corporate website under frequently asked questions page and so what you seen here is a exact duplicate of what you will see in their website.


Questions About The SizeGenetics System

SizeGenetics System ReviewDoes The SizeGenetics Device Really Work?

Yes, the SizeGenetics device has been extensively tested and studied to ensure its safety and efffectiveness. These have shown that when used according to the instructions the device was effective in 97% of cases tested and can:

  • Provide a lasting lengthening of the penis

  • Provide a lasting thickening of the penis girth

  • Correct up to 70% in penile deviations or curvatures

How Are Your Claims Backed?

We have been selling the SizeGenetics device for over 4 years and the manufacturer, AndroMedical, has been selling it much longer.

All claims made are based on the results of the manufacturer's studies and tests, details of which can be downloaded by visiting the medically backed page, as well as the vast feedback provided from our existing customers base who are already using the device.

How Long Can I Continue With The Program? Will I Continue To Gain?

The unique way in which the SizeGenetics system works allows you to set the pace of your program, and encourages you to set your own individual program.

This means you can continue with your program as long as you need to, adjusting and mixing your routines to suit you! It should be noted however that in terms of the device, you are likely to see the greatest gains in the first 12 months of its use.

How Long Will My Gains Last?

Once you have achieved your desired gains you can then stop using the device and maintain your new size.

The manufacturers, AndroMedical, have designed and developed the device to deliver permanent results, and they have been vastly successful in this for over 8 years now. 

Our customer feedback does not indicate any reduction in their size once they stop using the device.

How Long Do I Have To Wear The Device For?

The speed of your gains is directly related to the time you spend wearing it, which can be for upto 8-10 hours per day. It is incredibly lightweight and discreet and can be worn under clothing without detection. 

If your daily schedule does not allow this you can split the use over the times of day that suits you best. We do not recommend that you attempt to wear the device whilst sleeping.

Do I Have To Be A Certain Starting Size To Use The Device?

No, the device is fully extendable and can be used with almost any size of penis. 

Both small and large penises are suitable for the program although if you have been diagnosed with a micro-penis you should look to purchase the mini andro penis device which we do not sell.

Will My Girth Be Affected By Using The Device?

The SizeGenetics system can help to provide gains in both the length and girth of your penis. Because everyone's body is different there may be different gains experienced at different times, however if girth is an area you wish to focus on then the SizeGenetics system can help.

The included PenisHealth memebership allows you to tailor your own specialised workout routine to target the areas you want to the see the biggest gains, in the shortest amount of time.

Does The Device Help Treat A Curved Penis?

Yes, clinical studies have shown a correction of 70% in penile deviations and curvatures.

What Happens If I Get An Erection When I Am Wearing The Device?

Erections are normal when wearing the device and the the device will extend automatically with the enlarged penis size.

We do advise however that you remove the device until the erection has gone and then replace it and continue as normal.

Are There Any Side Effects?

The SizeGenetics Device has been classified as a Medical Type 1 Device and carries the CE mark.

This means it has been declared as fit for its intended purpose and is considered a low risk device that doesn't contain any risk of serious side effects from its use.

Questions About The Order Process

How Quickly Will My Shipment Reach Me? 

We offer a free service which takes approximately 7 days, and a courier service which takes approximately 3-5 days.

Can You Ship To My Country?

Yes, we ship all over the world and we can even send the product from either the UK or the US, whichever is closer to you.

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