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How To Improve The Flavor Of Your Semen

Many men find that their sexual partners refuse to "swallow" based on the fact that their semen has a bad bitter taste, or that it's too thick and makes them gag. Again, eating healthy will change both the flavor and consistency of your ejaculate. Since semen is excreted by the body, its taste and smell would most likely be affected by what you eat and drink.

What Is The Best Diet For Better-Tasting Cum?

Nutritionists say that alkaline-based foods, such as meats and fish, produce a buttery, fishy taste. Dairy products create the worst tasting semen. Chemically-processed alcohol can also make your semen taste bitter. Instead, try naturally fermented drinks for a change. Garlic and onion are likely to produce strong odors since they are high in sulfur; so lay off on these. You can eat more vegetables, but stay away from asparagus.

Eating fruit gives your bodily fluids a more pleasant taste. You can also drink one or two glasses of pineapple juice a day. Throw in melon, mango, apple, or grape, and other fruits that are high in sugar. Likewise, vegetables like parsley and celery are recommended. This will give your semen a milder, less bitter, taste.

Chemically processed liquors like alcohol will cause a very acidic taste, so stay away from it. Pure water, however, is great. By simply increasing your fluid intake, you can increase the amount of your ejaculation. You should start living a clean and healthy lifestyle. Say no to alcohol, drugs and nicotine. Avoid junk foods and instead have lots of fruits and greens in your diet. The most important to remember, though, is to keep yourself healthy and fit.

Interesting Facts About Semen

  • The average volume of ejaculate is around a half-teaspoon.
  • Ejaculate does not have a significant amount of calories. Won't make you fat.
  • Besides sperm, semen is made of secretions from the seven lower urinary tract structures. These structures include: glands of Littre, vas deferens, ampullae of the vas,epididymis, Cowper's glands , prostate, and seminal vesicle.
  • Semen itself has high concentrations of potassium, zinc, citric acid, fructose, phosphorylcholine, spermine, prostaglandins, free amino acids and enzymes, which nourish and protect the sperm.
  • A load of ejaculate contains 40 million to 600 million sperm.

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