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Penis Enlargement Exercises

Penis enlargement using exercises is by far the most popular and safest method of all penis enhancement. Once the users has make up his mind and would want to use exercises to enlarge his private part, he is require to follow a set of penis enlargement exercise regime for a duration of 15 to 25 minutes daily over several months.

Failure to follow the exercises according or giving up half way will yield no results. The theory behind penis enlargement exercises is that your current penis size is limited by the amounts of blood the penis can hold and that was why your penis size is always the same with every erection.

Your penis is consists of two large chambers (corpora cavernosa) made up of a spongy tissue and its purposes is for storing blood when blood flow to your penis during an erection. By massaging the penis muscle using penis enlargement exercises, it will helps to enlarge and develop the erectile tissue.

An increase in the erectile tissue will increase the capacity the blood it can hold and the blood circulation to the penis will be dramatically improved which will results in a larger and thicker penis size permanently. Within weeks of continuous penis enlargement exercise, your erections will be rock hard and thicker than before due to an increase in blood flow to your penis. 

Although there are a variety of penis enlargement exercises used for different purposes, their main objective are the same, that is to increase the penis size. Some penis enlargement exercises solely focus on increasing the ligaments within the penis, allow allowing the erectile tissue to extend length to its maximum while other penis enlargement exercises are mainly for enlarging the thickness of the penis which most women would prefer.

Another valuable penis enlargement technique used in many penis enlargement exercise programs involves exercises targeting the PC muscle. This muscle needs to be tune up and kept in shape to improve orgasms and for controlling premature ejaculations for ultimate sexual pleasure.

An increases in penis girth and length should become visible after a few months of penis enlargement exercise. After the third and fifth months, you will have the improved and stretched erectile tissue to its maximum that you have been anticipated for. After the sixth months to a year, a size gain of 2 inches in penis length will become a reality.

With continuous exercises, self-discipline and never give up attitude, an increases of 3 inches is possible. Most penis enlargement exercise program routine consists of a warm up for safety reasons, a Jelqing session follow by other additional penis enlargement exercises and then a cooling down.

Majority of the penis enlargement exercise programs are delivered via an online manual that contains the penis enlargement lessons in text, picture and video with audio. There are many variations of the penis enlargement exercises in any given program.

Milking or Jelqing is the most popular exercises that can effectively enlarge penis and helps boost the overall penis health. It is consider the most commonly use exercise in all penis enlargement exercise program today. Jelqing, which has been around for centuries has benefits thousands of men worldwide.

History recorded that men in Arabia normally perform the penis enlargement exercises daily so that they will be able to 100% satisfy their wife after they get married. Each Jelqing exercise session takes about 30 minutes and is done about 5 days per week. The additional 2 days (Resting period) that was left out was intended for the penis to fully recover and heal itself.

The Jelqing exercise works by wrapping the thumb and index finger around the penis while semi-erect and repeatedly drawing them outwards away from the body. By doing this continuously will force the blood into the glans which expand and create new cells in the corpus cavernosa and underlying tissues.In the short term, Jelqing exercise will increase the size of the flaccid penis after a few workout sessions while in the long term, significant penis size gain will become a reality. Please be extra careful not to apply too much pressure when performing Jelqing exercises. 

You May Wish To Know Some Interesting Facts About Penis Enlargement Exercise

How much blood your Corpora Cavernosa could hold will ultimately determine your actual penis length and girth (thickness). A reputable penis enlargement exercise programs will helps you to increase the spaces within the Corpora Cavernosa. This will improve the overall blood flow to your penis and allow more blood to be store in your Corpora Cavernosa.

With continuous exercises, the cells in the Corpora Cavernosa will expand and tear. Within two weeks of penis enlargement exercises, your penis health will improved. It will become more fitter, stronger, longer and thicker in size. After one month of rigorous penis exercises, your erection will be rock hard and your overall sexual stamina will be improved dramatically.

By then you should be able to control your own ejaculation which allow you to prolong the timing and pleasure during lovemaking. For the next two to three months, your penis size will become bigger in both flaccid and fully erect state permanently.

Once you have successfully completed a reputable penis enlargement exercise program, you should be feeling more energetic, happy and confident because you have achieved what you have set out for, better ejaculation control, last longer in bed, increased stamina, increase sperm count and of course a longer and thicker penis size.

Individually, penis enlargement exercise is effective. However if it is use simultaneously with penis enlargement traction device, pills and patches, a superior results could be achieve.

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