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Natural Penis Enlargement Tips

If you experience small red spots, blood spots, and bruising from performing the Jelq technique. You may want to take a few days off to allow your penis to fully heal before you begin the exercises again. You should be concerned, if the penis to the touch is painful or the spots on the penis do not go away within week.

You may want to see your doctor about it. If you have perform the warm up and cool down properly before and after the exercises, chances are of getting bruises and red spots will be minimize To improve ejaculatory control, the PC muscle is the most important muscle to exercise.

By developing this muscle you will be able to control exactly when you want to ejaculate and you will have no problems lasting longer hour in bed with your mate. Most men do have some problems for their penis to remain flaccid while doing the exercises. Always remember that you have to stay completely flaccid during the Jelq technique.

If you become fully erect, take a short break until the erection subsides. Remember to take a few days off each week to allow your penis to rebuild itself. The recommended break that you should take is 1 or 2 days off each week. Visualization and breathing techniques will make it easier to obtain the penis of your dreams and allow you to relax more and concentrate only on the exercise.

Visualization will allow you to imagine your penis enlarging while you perform the exercises. By doing this make you more determined to continue with the routine. Breathing will allow more oxygen to reach the muscle tissue which supply you with more energy.

Lubrication is important when you are performing the same exercise for a long amount of time. Lubrication prevents chaffing and becoming raw, so it is important to lube up well before beginning. You may use any lubrication you prefer however using soaps or any other product that evaporates quickly is not recommended.

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