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The Arabic Jelq Method

For the Saundanese Arabs, having a large, well developed penis showed fertility and power and it was very appealing to the women. At the point of puberty, the arabs boys were shown by their fathers how to Jelq. Every day for 30 minutes, the young men Jelqd their penis and continue this exercise till when they became adults.

Once adulthood was reached, they cut down their Jelq sessions to 3 times a week to maintain their size and strength. The exercise was performed everyday for 30 minutes aided by mental imagery and breathing. Some Arab men attained sizes reaching over 18 and 20 inches in length and 8 inches in circumference.

After a year of continual milking, the average length of these young man attained sizes over 10 inches erect and 6 inches in circumference. The main reason why Jelq do work is because when you mile your penis, you are forcing blood into spaces in the Corpora Cavernosa. Your penis size is restricted by the amounts of blood your Corpora Cavernosa can hold.

With continuous milking, the spaces in the penis will continue to stretch large and bigger. This will break down the cells walls within the Corpora Cavernosa (erectile tissue). As you continue to do the exercise regularly, the spaces on the Corpora Cavernosa will keep getting larger and stronger.

Within a periods of maybe one month, you will see an improvement in size and firmness. With continuous exercise within 3 to 4 months, the results you will attain will be incredible. Your erections will become harder and you penis will be larger and thicker. An increase in circulation from the exercise will undoubtedly improve the sensation and feeling 10 times.

After the first years of daily exercises, you should experience a gain of at least 4 inches in length. A Jelq session should consists of 30 minutes without any resting in between. This is done to ensure the proper enlarging of blood spaces within your penis.

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