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Safety While Exercising Your Penis

Your health and safety are of utmost important, which is why you should be careful before carrying out any penis exercises. Use proper form and technique, and if possible, follow the recommended times for each exercise. Always be aware of when you can and cannot engage in penis enlargement.

You should consult your urologist if you have any diseases that may alter blood circulation, oxygenation, and regeneration of tissues which exists under the conditions of advanced diabetes, respiratory instability, and cirrhosis. Below are important things that you should keep in mind while exercising.

Listen To Your Body And Pay Attention to Your Penis

  • Do not use too much pressure on the penis when you are doing workout for duration of more than 30 minutes. Failure to do so will results in blisters on your penis.
  • Do not overstretch your penis. If you have to stretch your penis, you must stretch it gently and when you feel pain or discomfort, you must stop stretching it. Failure to do so will results in red sores. It is recommended that you stop all exercises until it is fully heal and then continue.
  • Using too much weight on your penis for a prolonged period will results in nerve inflammation which will distort the nerves within the penis and cause them to swell. The consequences you could get if you continue to put more weight on your penis is not being able to get an erection again.
  • Do not apply too much tension to your penis. Failure to do so will results in fuzzy skin. Partially dead tissue will cover your penis making it look ugly. Red sores sometimes accompany fuzzy skin.
  • Always takes safety to heart and just use good sense when performing any exercises. If at any time you begin to feel real pain or discomfort, ease up!

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