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Multiple Orgasms Is Possible

Dr. William E. Hartman, one of the nation's most respected sex researchers said "The control of the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle is probably the most simple and the most direct answer to a man becoming multiply orgasmic."The PC is the largest of the muscles in the pelvis. To the vast majority of men, it is a very weak muscle because they use it only when they come, and they come only infrequently and not powerfully.

To control and strengthen your PC muscle, you to do a series of flexing or tighting pf the muscle, then try to hold. By doing this you will be able to hold back the fluid and refrain from ejaculating while still having orgasm. The worst that can happen is that you'll ejaculate, and with continued training you'll no longer slip until you want to. The vast majority of men do not reach sexual maturity with an ability to enjoy multiple climaxes. This unusual ability is a talent that must be developed.

If you simply spend a few minutes a day exercising the right muscle, you will not have trouble erecting, coming too fast and so on. The two exercises that you will need to be doing to enhance your sexual power are named "cut-offs" and "Kegels" or PC Flexes.


Every time you urinate, stop the flow forcefully at least six times. The first time you try this, don't worry if all you can manage is a momentary interruption in the flow. By doing this continuously it  will help you identify your PC muscle and become familiar with its strength.

PC Flexes

This technique consist of tightening the anal sphincter (rectum) and the muscles at the base of the penis. When you do a correct PC Flex your penis will move slightly. You are doing PC Flexes when you have an erection and you tighten to make your penis move up and down. PC Flexes can be unobtrusively performed (without an erection) while walking, sitting or lying down.

The male who possesses a really powerful PC can maintain a firm erection for hours and enjoy more ecstatic orgasms during one sex episode then most men enjoy in a month. So get started on this simple sex-strengthening program and turn your female's fantasies into fact.

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