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Penis Enlargement Patches

Penis enlargement history mark another new era when penis enlargement patches was make available on the market. Although penis enlargement is relatively new in the penis enlargement industry. It won't come at a surprise for many that this could happen as it is not the first industry to make use of patches as a mean of delivering medications or drugs directly into the body.

Patches has been around for decade. The first transdermal patch was approved in 1981 by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for the prevention of vomiting and nausea related to motion sickness. Since that periods, FDA start to show interests and has allow more than 350 transdermal patches to roam the market freely for the past 22 years.

Some patches that can be found in the pharmacy stores are the anti-smoking patches, birth control patches, weight losing patches, etc. The reasons why it's gaining popularity as the prefer method for taking medication is because no nausea, side effect or complication occur. 

Unlike pills, a dosage of 2 to 3 pills is required per day, some people dislike the feeling of swallowing pills and so it seem like hell to them to take pills. On the other hand, patches is an easy and painless application with nothing to consume by mouth. It is also durable (each patches can last for 3 days) and waterproof (you can continue your water-related activities without worrying that you have to reapply a new patches again).

Using patches is very simple to use and you just have to apply the penis enlargement patch onto your body parts and the patch will do its magic. Experts predicts that In the coming future, almost all prescription drugs that are available today will be coming out in the form of patches due to their many advantages.

Once a penis enlargement patch is paste onto the appropriate body parts, it will start to deliver the herbal ingredients found in the patch directly through the skin and into the bloodstream in a gradual, consistent, efficient, accurate and non-fluctuating way. The effects of these herbal ingredients will be more sustained, efficient and control since they bypass the digestive system and deliver immediately into the bloodstream.

Men worldwide who had try the penis enlargement patches has shown positive results. The penis enlargement patches has help them to achieve a rock-hard and longer-lasting erections, boosting their orgasm intensity, increasing their sexual desire, pleasure and performance while allow them to control their ejaculation better. Most importantly, penis will becomes bigger and longer.

Experts strongly recommend that penis patches be used along with penis exercise, penis devices or penis pills for optimum results. All these benefits could be felt within weeks of using the penis enlargement patches and the longer you use it, the better the outcome will be. 

If the penis enlargement patches is use with combination of penis enlargement traction devices, pills and exercises, penis gains will be amazing. It will be better if you take some time off to consult your doctor before proceeding to take any nutritional supplement. Well, I know that it will be troublesome and time consuming if you have to personally search and find the herbal ingredients online. I have make it easy for you by presenting to you the most common herbal ingredients use in most penis enlargement patch to save you your precious time.

Some Common Herbal Ingredients Found In Most Penis Enlargement Patches


Its main function is allow the essential ingredients to deliver to the blood stream by opening up the pores after you have apply the penis enlargement patches.


Damiana act as a sexual stimulant by improving and enhancing sexual performance and ability. It has been use as an anti-depressant and anxiety reliever especially for patients who was pressurize by sexual-related issue. It also helps to strengthen the nervous and hormonal system and improve the overall well-being of a person.


Ginseng help a person to rejuvenate and revitalize the whole body by maintaining consistent blood flow to every parts of the body including the brain and penis. Ginseng has been used for years in the treatment of impotence and premature ejaculation and helps increase ejaculation volume.

It is also known to boost a person well-being and mentality that are caused by weakness, fatigue, stress, anxiety, poor concentration, etc. Ginseng are believe to produce antioxidant and helps protect against radiation damage.


Anyone who consume this herbs will benefits from an increase in memory, energy, strength, vigor, fertility and longevity. It will also decelerate premature aging and helps to overcome mental fatigue which could lead to depression.

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is well-known as a supplement for the brain since it helps to boost the receiver their energy, stamina and mental power of their brain. Combating stress, stabilize a person blood pressure, increases blood flow to the penis, improving reflexes, neutralizing toxins found in blood, balancing a person hormones thus relaxing one's nervous system, strengthening internal capillaries for blood to flow smoothly, reducing pains and swelling of injuries are just some of the many benefits of Gotu Kola.

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is just one of many herbs that are use for boosting the overall male reproductive system by increasing sex hormones. Saw Palmetto is also used to reduce the swelling of the penis prostate and prevention of excessive urination.

Most of the herbal ingredients that can be found in a penis enlargement patches help to increase blood circulation to the male reproductive organs, thus improving the overall health of the penis. It also accelerate the production of testosterone, improving erectile function and helps balancing sex hormones for maximum sexual drive and performance.

Before you choose to try any penis enlargement patch, you should be more concern about your personal health and safety first. You should consult your own physician for guidance on whether penis enlargement penis is suitable for you. If you are currently experiencing any side effects such as skin irritation or health-related problems, you should be honest with your doctor and let them know about it. 

Only proceed ahead only when your doctor give you a resounding yes answer that you are a suitable candidate for penis enlargement patches. Maybe you are confused about whether or not you should try out the penis enlargement patches. You have seen many penis enlargement methods and most of them works, you are being overwhelmed by the overloading of information. Well, calm down because helps is on the way with too much information 

If The Penis Enlargement Patches Is Endorsed By Some Professional Doctor Who Should Use The Penis Enlargement Patches?

Before making a decision, pause and ask yourself whether or not you are actually looking for the following benefits?

  • You would want to last longer during sexual intercourse
  • An increase in penis length, girth, and vascularity
  • Harder and longer lasting erections
  • Increased sex drive
  • Longer ejaculation times and larger ejaculate volume
  • Erection strengthening (harder erections)
  • Increased sexual desire
  • Increased energy
  • Increased pleasure during sex
  • Better sexual health
  • Increased sensation in penis
  • Greater confidence
  • Better sexual performance
  • More intense orgasms
  • Better ejaculation control
  • Increased blood flow to genital area
  • Overall virility and penile function
  • Increased production of sex hormones
  • Protection against prostate problems
  • Treatment of impotence
  • You would want to satisfy your partner more than what you are currently doing so

Before trying any penis enlargement patch, always keep a lookout for scams which could rob you off your money.

These Are The Things That You Should Look Out For When Purchasing Any Penis Enlargement Patches

  • Penis enlargement patch must be manufactured in an FDA approved laboratory.
  • Penis enlargement patch must not contain FDA banned ingredients.
  • Full money back guarantee is required upon purchasing the patch. 
  • Delivery of penis enlargement patch should be quick, tracked and discreet.
  • Delivery should be fast, online tracking ability and discreet.
  • Customer support for the penis enlargement patch should be top notch.
  • Customer support should be available via e-mail and phone.

Advantages Of Penis Patches

  • Active ingredient delivery around the clock for continuous, always-ready results
  • Transdermal absorption of our effective formula directly to the bloodstream
  • Simple to use
  • Ideal for travel 
  • Completely discreet and safe
  • Non-irritating
  • Accurate, controlled dosing

To Apply The Patches

  • Do not apply more than one patch at a time unless you are told to do so by your doctor.
  • Clean the skin area, using only clear water. Pat the skin completely dry. Do not put anything on the skin (including soap, lotion, alcohol, or oil) before applying the patch.
  • Immediately press the adhesive side of the patch onto the skin with the palm of your hand.
  • Press the patch firmly, for at least 30 seconds. Be sure that the patch sticks well to your skin, especially around the edges.
  • If the patch does not stick well or comes loose after it is applied, tape the edges down to your skin with first aid tape.
  • When you are finished applying the patch, wash your hands promptly with only clear water.
  • Apply each patch to a clean, dry, relatively hair-free area on your chest or upper arms, as directed. Avoid areas that are irritated or scarred. Do not apply the patch below your knees or elbows. Follow the specific application directions included with your patch. 
  • Apply the patches as directed every day. They are usually applied in the morning and taken off in the evening. Apply each new patch to a different place than the patch you used the day before.
  • Bathing, showering, or swimming should not affect the patch. If a patch falls off for any reason, reapply it to the same site. If it will not stick, apply a new patch to a new site. Continue changing the patch on your regular schedule.
  • Do not cut the patches.Be sure to throw away old or unused patches. You should fold them in half with the sticky sides together and flush them down a toilet.
  • Keep this medication in the protective pouch it came in, tightly closed, and out of reach of children and pets. Store it at room temperature and away from excess heat and moisture (not in the bathroom). Do not store fentanyl skin patches inside your car.

Many professionals believe that penis enlargement by patches may even become bigger than the penis enlargement pills. The penis enlargement patches can be found from many online stores and the results have been outstanding, many men don't switch back after trying the penis enlargement patches.

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