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Penis Enlargement Pills

Penis enlargement pills are virility pills that works on male sexual system and boost its overall sexual appetite and hormones. Most penis enlargement companies which sell penis pills market penis pills along with penis enlargement exercise program or traction device. Expert strongly believe by combining penis pills with multiple enlargement methods will significantly speed up penis growth. By combining penis pills with penis exercises or penis devices, the erectile tissues will generate new cells which increase the amount of blood it can hold, resulting in bigger penis.

Before trying any enlargement pills, you should devote some time to learn about the various ingredients found in penis pills. If you suffer from diabetes or genital nerve damage, you are advise to consult your medical practitioner or urologist before trying your first dose of penis pills.

List Of Common Ingredients Found In Penis Enlargement Pills


Astragalus is known for its normalizing effects on body's functions and enhance immune defenses.


Boron is vital for proper male nutrition and to maintain proper blood levels of estradiol, which is a precursor of estrogen. Estrogen is sex hormone which have be be regulated for maximum sexual performance.

Avena Sativa

It improves brain and nervous system function. For centuries, it has been used to treat impotence, tiredness and exhaustion. Aiding body in recovering from exhaustion and correcting sexual disability are some benefits.


This plant help to dilate blood vessels which lead to harder and more sustainable erections. For decades,  it has been used in India for its powerful stimulant effects.


It is the dry extract of European Blueberryand. It contains high level of tannic acid which improve blood circulation in body and penis.


This famous Brazilian aphrodisiac plants is a strong tonic and nervous system fortifier. It strengthens penis and relieves tiredness. The effect is pronounced in men, especially as a libido enlivener.


Cuscuta is used for treatment of premature ejaculation, excessive urination, leukorrhea and aching lower back, symptoms that often accompany deficient kidney conditions which cause sexual weakness. Cuscuta seed is widely used to nourish sperm and marrow. It also helps to strengthen sinews of the sexual organs.


It is used as aphrodisiac and helps strengthen nervous system.


The main function of cuscutae seed is to boost the health of kidney, liver, reproductive system, urinary and cardiovascular systems.


For centureis, the Chinese believe Epimedium is the premier libido lifter for men. History record tell a Chinese goal herder who discovered his flock of goal became sexually aroused after eating Epimedium. It is known to have a testosterone effect on men which helps increase sexual desire, stimulate sensory nerves, improve erectile function and endurance.

Ginko Biloba

Known for increasing blood flow to the brain, which helps energize the brain and central nervous system. Ginkgo Biloba helps to improve the peripheral circulation, oxygenation, and increase blood circulation to the genitals which improves overall sexual function.

A recent scientific study reported that 78% of men who has impotence problems shown significant improvement after taking Ginko Biloba. No side effects found  during research.


Commonly used for body strengthening. Ginseng fortifies the adrenal gland (production of testosterone) and promotes healthy blood circulation. It is  associated with improved sexual function and well-known as a powerful aphrodisiac.


Hawthorn is a common remedy for hypertension. It helps relieves stress and  anxiety which are associated with poor sexual function. It is the best tonics for heart and circulatory system. Hawthorn dilates the coronary vessels, increase blood circulation and transporting vital nutrients plus fresh oxygen in body. It also helps to neutralize free radicals found in body

Horny Goat Weed

Also known as Epimedium sagittatum (Chinese herb) which helps to produce warm and almost euphoric effect on human body. For centuries, It is used as an aphrodisiac. It is considered as the best sexual tonic in some parts of China.


L-Arginine is one of those amino acids which helps open up blood vessels. By forming nitric oxide, which dilates the blood vessels. oxygenated blood and nutrients are transported to vital tissues and sexual organs. L-Arginine also helps to stimulate growth hormone release, boost immune system, increase ejaculatory volume levels and orgasm intensity.


It is used to fight viral, bacterial and parasitic infection. It cleanses the colon, and enhances micro circulation in the gastrointestinal lining.


Plant grown in Peru that produces a radish-like root is well known for its sex enhancing ability. In studies, subjects given Maca, experienced greater sexual satisfaction, increased energy, and stamina. This plant has long been used for restoration after sex.

Muira Puama

Muira Puama which is also known as Potency Wood is an herb originated from Brazil. Historical records show that Muira Puama has helped men restore strength associated with potency and sexual desire.

Nettle Leaf

Acts as a diuretic, expectorant and tonic. It is rich in iron and chlorophyll to clean and nourish blood.


Restorative herb assisting in renewing and strengthening the vitality of the nervous system, restoring elasticity to veins and improving circulatory functions. Other noted benefits of Oatstraw are increased balance, memory and improved coordination.

Orchic Substance

Well known for creating an aphrodisiac effect in both men and women. This herb is used for its strong qualities which promote and encourage sexual motivation. The increase in libido after consuming is unlike any other.


Contains warming oil which increases oxygen in blood, works to clean and strengthen the entire body. Menthol is an alcohol extract from the oil of peppermint and prepares skin to accept the potent formula.

Pumpkin Seed

Commonly used to strengthen prostate gland and promote male hormone function. Myosin, an amino acid found in pumpkin seeds, is essential for muscular contractions.


Found along the coast of Peru, Sarsparilla aids in the production of testosterone and progesterone.

Saw Palmetto 

Saw Palmetto inhibits androgen and estrogen receptor activity which benefits both gender by balancing hormones. Saw Palmetto also aids the thyroid in controlling and regulating sexual development. It also stabilize the activity of the glands and organs.


Colorful berries of the Schizandra plant has been a staple of Chinese herbalists for centuries, and is known throughout Asia for its effectiveness increasing sexual stamina in men.

Tribulus Terrestris

Natural testosterone enhancer, Tribulus increases sexual desire and performance. Tribulus is also an excellent circulatory and heart tonic. In India, it is used as tonic for urinary system.


It contains more than three hundreds enzymes which experts claims is needed to maintain fertility and normalize testosterone levels in men. Zinc Oxide is an essential trace mineral and is believed to be involved in more body functions than any other mineral.

It is important for development purposes, maintenance of tissues and sexual function. A remedy for male prostate problems and it  increase production of healthy sperm. Experts says low levels of zinc means a low sperm count and infertility.

Most ingredients found in penis enlargement pills are completely safe. However, some penis pills on the market do contain herb known as Yohimbe, which is considered risky for regular use according to FDA. Excessive intake of this herb can results in side effects such as anxiety, high blood pressure, rapid heart rate and dizziness.

Reported Benefits Of Taking Penis Enlargement Pills

  • Better ejaculation control.
  • Increased sexual health and stamina.
  • Increased head size.
  • Stronger and intensify orgasms.
  • Improvement in urinary flow.
  • Treatment of impotence.
  • Erection strengthening.
  • Improved blood flow to genital area.
  • Higher sex drive,
  • Increased sperm production.
  • Improvement in sexual function.

Again, please be extra careful when trying out any penis enlargement pills.

Here's Another Friendly Reminder

  • Penis pills should be manufactured in an FDA approved laboratory.
  • Penis pills should not contain any FDA banned ingredients.
  • Penis pills should come with full money back guarantee.
  • Delivery should be quick, tracked and discreet
  • Customer support should be top notch.

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