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Average Penis Size

The average adult penis is about 2 to 4 inches when flaccid and about 5 to 7 inches when erect however many external factors such as personal temperature, mood and position could affects the ultimate size of the penis. Penis size also depends on your genetics, DNA, level of your penis development and how you measure the penis using tape, ruler, etc.

Most penises should be fully grown by the age of 16, however 25% of men are actually late penis developers. Between the ages from 11 to 17, the penis will change gradually in penis size for every year. If you notice no growth at all by age 16 or 17, you may wish to consult a doctor to determine that cause. A few studies were conducted to measure the average size of men and the results was concluded as follows:

Survey Name

Average Length In Inches
Kinsey Institute For Sex Report 6.2 inches
Durex Internet Survey 6.4 inches
California University, S.F 5.1 inches
Brazilian Urologist 5.7 inches

The next table you are about to see is a collection of average penis size measure by doctors and medical specialists on teenage boys from ages 11 to 19. The measurement is conducted by stretching the flaccid penis from the tip of the penis and then measured to the tip of the base.


Erect Length In Inches
11 3.0 inches
12 3.8 inches
13 4.8 inches
14 5.4 inches
15 5.6 inches
16 5.7 inches
17 5.8 inches
18 5.8 inches
19 5.9 inches

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