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Larger Penis Size Turns On Women

Visually, a bigger penis turns on many women. Of course, it is not as many as men who are always turned on by having a larger penis. Most women prefer medium to big cock but not a huge cocks which they are very frighten of them. You need to realize that a woman's interpretation of medium size and big size are different from what most men think.

A vast majority of women think that a big penis size is 6 to 7 inches and 5 inches around the penis. However most men interpreted that a big size should be around 8 to 9 inches and 6 to 7 inches around. While men seem to be mostly preoccupied with length. Most women prefer a thick or girth over length as a thicker penis will stimulate her more by stretching her vaginal walls and creating more friction. If you just happen to have a big cock, so much the better.

Few Advantages Of Bigger Penis

With a enlarge penis will make you feel like a sexual god and your self-image will improve. You will have more confidence to meet new mates and please your current one. Just imagine the look on her face when you pull out your new and improve penis. You will feel really great about yourself and your self-esteem will increase.

Improved Sexual Performance

Men who have an enlarge penis has reported significant improvement in their sexual performance because your partner will be satisfied more by providing her with more and more pleasure. It is also known that women who saw the sight of a bigger penis is a turn-on for them so getting your mate aroused is much easier now.

Why Women Prefer A Thick Penis?

Like some men who have a preference for large breasts or small breasts, heavy legs or thin legs, some women may also develop psychological preferences for the size of a man's penis... A thick penis causes more vaginal satisfaction because the extra girth increases the friction and pressure on the vagina walls. The first few inches of these walls are packed with touch sensitive nerves. A thick penis enhances her pleasure also because it dilates the vagina and it gives more pressure and friction to the g-spot zone and the AFE Zone.

A few men say that their wives often can't cum during penetration because her vagina is too wet. In fact she is only trying to make up an excuse so her guy doesn't have to feel bad about his penis. That loss of sensation is not caused by the abundance of lubrication but by the lack of penis girth. If your penis is not thick enough to cause sufficient pressure on the vagina walls, she will lose some sensation.

The Female Opinion On Penis Size

Here's A Few Specific Comments

  • "When we only want sex, you know a bigger penis makes a huge difference."
  • "I would never tell a guy that I was leaving because of the size of his penis, I would make excuses like "I don't see a future with you right now" or " Maybe we can just be friends"
  • "Less than 6 inches would bother me, I think the problem would lie in the visual aspect rather than the physical one."
  • "Size is very important to me during sex. A man has to have a big package to please me."
  • "It has to be long, let's say 8 inches or more, and the girth should be very thick."
  • "If he is so small that I can not reach an orgasm during intercourse, our relationship would just disintegrate."
  • "We do talk to other girls about our guys size - its like guys comparing the size of women's breasts, and of course we want bigger not smaller."

Does Size Matter? - The All-Important Question

The bain of many lives-Am I big enough? Can I successfully satisfy my partner? Are you embarrassed? What do women really think? TRUTHFULLY? Are they bothered? What makes the perfect shag? Here at What Women Want we set out to find these answers. We asked two women to tell their views, stories, pet hates and much, much more&&

Louisa Hamilton, 27, lives in Notting Hill and is a successful Accountant and is single. Her passion is wine and men (in that order mates!-Ed) and has had over thirty partners.

'Sex is an extremely important part of my life- I find my job very stressful- the hours are very long-sex for me is a great release of tension and stress. I don't have time for a relationship. At work I am in a high position of power, therefore I find it a great turn on to be taken charge of a man who is really confident about themselves and their body. Unfortunately many men don't posses this kind of confidence or the right size package.

Penis size is actually fairly important to me, which I suppose is quite sad. Recently I slept with a man called Tom who was lovely, good looking etc etc but had the smallest penis I've ever seen-I laughed when I saw it-I just couldn't help myself. When it was all over I ended going into the bathroom and satisfying myself-not the ideal situation. However, I have had some successes with more average men, to a degree 'it is what you do with it'. On one occasion I met a man at a business conference-later that night the orgasm was incredibly intense.

I suppose it makes me sound quite shallow, but in my mind there is no point in having crap sex- I can quite happily satisfy myself if need be. In my experience men who are larger do make better lovers. They possess a higher level of confidence-, which alone is much more of a turn on. A partner who is confident within themselves and their body is more likely to know what he wants and be able to satisfy me.

Length is not the most important factor for me, girth is. I'll never forget Rob who had at least a 8 inch penis, but it was the thinnest, weakest looking thing I'd ever seen-this was reflected in the short performance. A good large girth usually means a stronger, more flexible penis. This is reflected in the length and control a man displays during sex leading to greater satisfaction. Up to a point it is what you do with it- but if you do it with a large penis the results for me are greater and leave a lasting impression.'

Helen Tatton, 31, also lives in Notting Hill. She is a successful Barrister and lives with her boyfriend of 7 years. She talks about how their relationship has been affected by sex&.. 

'Paul and me have been together for what seems like ever. We're very happy together - I don't think we will get married - the idea just doesn't appeal to us-we're happy as we are. Not everything has all ways been so smooth though- it took along time for our sex life to be up to standard! When we first got together it became apparent fairly quickly that I had a much greater sex drive than Paul- sometimes he simply wasn't interested.

This began to affect the rest of our relationship - I began to doubt myself, his love and our trust. Paul simply wasn't interested and when he was lacked something. We both decided that something must be done- or our relationship would suffer further. We talked at great length about what the problem was- Paul felt he wasn't confident enough or big enough. I agreed he wasn't confident enough- but he was big enough-at 6.5 inches he was certainly ample.

Paul decided to take matters into his own hands (does she realise what's she's just said!-Ed) he declared that we couldn't have sex for a 4 week period. In this time he began doing exercises to strengthen his penis-which in turn would give him more confidence.  At first, I do admit I had my doubts-it sounded almost sleazy and dodgy. But, my relationship was on the line here - I was willing to try anything to prevent losing the man that I loved.

After the 4-week period, we resumed sexual activity. The change in Paul was amazing- his penis was definantly thicker and stronger looking. This change was reflected in his confidence level and his performance- we took the plunge and have never looked back. Our sex life is now fantastic- I still don't know what exercises Paul does- I don't want to- all I know is that they have changed our relationship. I never though that sex could have such a bearing on your life and relationships- I'm just glad we got it sorted before it was too late.'

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