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Does Big Cocks Matter

There are some women who only like big cocks and there are some that dislike big cocks. However it you are too big, she might not want to sleep with you. According to the famous East Indian, both men and women come in sizes, mainly small, medium and large.

The reason when it was implemented was for them to fit well together. Take for example, a large woman with a small man is not a good match as they will not get the stimulation they desire or a large man with a small woman is also not a good fit as it will be painful for her and she may refuse to have sexual intercourse together.

Most women like medium to big corks in general, but not huge cocks as they are actually afraid of them and you need to realize that a woman's interpretation of medium and big are different than ours. Let me point out the advantages and disadvantages of having a bigger penis.

The advantage having a bigger penis is that it would increase self-confidence, self-esteem and will help you stimulate your lover's vagina more. The disadvantages of having a larger penis is that some women may refuse to have sex with you if your penis is very big (8 inches long, 6.5inches around) as it will hit the woman's cervix and cause pain instead of pleasure.

If she agree to have sex with you, you may have to thrust more carefully and not go all the way in. If sexual intercourse is very difficult for your partner because of your gigantic size, you may have sex and anal sex less often. A big cock may be hard for most women to put your penis in their mouth and if she can you may get hit by her teeth if she doesn't know what she's doing.

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