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How To Measure Your Penis

It is important to know how to measure your penis properly. Below are tips on measuring your penis accurately. Remember don't round up and measure your penis precisely. This will only be to your benefit. You have more to gain by knowing your penis size.

To Measure The Erect Length

Stand and hold your erect penis horizontally. Press a ruler against your pubic bone and measure to the very tip of the head of your penis. Another option is that you stand with your knees locked and begin by grasping your penis from the bottom, just behind the head of your penis and pull it out as far as you can.

Press the ruler against your pubic bone and measure on the top of the penis. You can change the angle, move your pelvis, or try other variations that allow you to get the same result as your erect length. Once you become familiar to this technique, you may find it easier and more convenient.

To Measure The Erect Girth

Girth is the circumference or the distance around your penis. To measure girth properly, always measure an erect penis mid-shaft. When the penis is flaccid, it will be at a different girth at various times. If you have just completed a strenuous exercise, it may be extremely small. However, if you need to urinate, it may be fairly large. Be sure to take many measurements at different times to get the best results.

Average Penis Size

Length Flaccid: 3 - 4.5 inches (7.6 - 11.4 cm) Erect: 5 - 6 inches (12.7 - 15.25 cm) Girth Erect: 4.5 - 5.5 inches (11.4 - 14 cm) at mid shaft

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