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Does Penis Size Matter?

Penis size is important but there are other factors affecting a women's orgasm. This require a combination of skill, passion and romance. A woman's ability to reach orgasm is not always the same day by day. For penetration purposes, a woman will sometimes not prefer a bigger penis on certain days.  Some days she wants only gentle penetration with fingers or smaller penis.

Some other days she only wants massive penetration: desire to be dilated and stretched with thick penis, and/or desire to be deeply bottomed-out with long penis· Yet other days she wants no penetration at all, only sexual touching towards the exterior of the vagina. Besides penis size, there are two more aspects influencing women's vaginal pleasure.

There is penis hardness and there is of course style of motion (screw technique). If you don't have a truly hard erection, it is difficult to bring your girl to orgasm with your penis alone. Experiment on different sexual positions and incorporate toys in your love-making. Identify her key erogenous zones (i.e., her clitoris) and come up with techniques to stimulate her with your tongue, vibrator, fingers, etc.

Another factor that affects the power of her excitement and orgasm is the level of involvement a man has with her. If she is deeply in love with him and he feels the same for her, and whether big or small he boasts good technique and has interest in her body, chances are she will experience much more fulfilling orgasms and pleasures. Remember to show her your love by giving her flowers, a sensual massage, or candles with rose petals. Assault her senses with romantic gestures and you'll be well rewarded.

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