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How Do I Prevent Premature Ejaculation

You have to learn to be more familiar with the feelings and sensations surrounding the time leading up to ejaculation. By learning to become more familiar with these sensation, you will be able to learn how to predict when the upcoming ejaculation will occur and have greater control over them.

This is known as your point of no return. If you want to be able to enjoy long periods of intense pleasure without ejaculation, the first thing you need to discover right now is your point of no return. Start by stimulating yourself and concentrate on your feelings. If you have the feeling that you cannot control your ejaculation anymore, as hard as you try, you will not be able to stop yourself from ejaculating.

You will have to ejaculate because ejaculation is a reflex. This means that your brain sends messages through your spinal cord to your sex organs and orders ejaculation. After you have successfully discovered your point of no return, next time during intercourse, do not let your arousal reach this point.

You can either change your position or stop moving. Some techniques you may consider includes the "stop and start" and "squeeze" methods. All these methods will help you gain a better control of your ejaculation and prevents it from cumming too quickly than you normally would.

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