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Erectile Dysfunction Is All In The Power Of Your Mind

Eighty percent of men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction have an underlying physical cause for their impotence. Less than 20% of male impotence has a primary psychological cause. The majority of men with impotence have physical condition such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. Stress, anxiety and loss of self-esteem are often secondary psychological factors that mostly occur if impotence goes untreated. 

Focus Control

The mind is the greatest sex organ. During sex, by directing your attention away from your orgasm and onto other sensation such as enjoying and taking the whole sexual experience, the smell of her hair, the feel of her skin, they way she taste, etc. By taking the focus off of ejaculation and putting it on the whole experience, everything you do does not lead to ejaculating, but to enjoying.

Focus Control Techniques

The whole process will take about 45 minutes. You should do this technique alone without any added stimulation and you should pay attention to very nuance and subtle feeling that you will feel. Your goal is ultimate pleasure and not ejaculation. Start with a limp penis and begin stroking until it erected. Notice all the feelings along the way to your point of no return and enjoy it.

Next, change your focus off your genitals and try to focus on some on other part or your body. If possible stop and take a deep breath and feel everything. It would be preferable to change your focus to how much you love or care about her, how beautiful she looks, how amazing the experience is, take in the whole experience the ambiance, the mood, feel the sheets etc.

Just change you focus to anything that is present except the stimulus that drives you over the edge. Repeat the whole process over and over again until you really think that you have already achieve your satisfaction without ejaculating. 

Change Focus - External Stimuli Of Your Lover

First, you need to find out what moves you up to the point of no return. Contributing factors like by looking at her breast bounce, the way her ass looks, hearing her moan, talking dirty to you, etc. When you finally close to reach your point of no return, change your focus off immediately to whatever that is driving you wild to some else. 

For example, if by looking at her breast bounce make you wild, you can focus your eyes on her face instead. If everything failed, maybe you should use the PC pump or squeezing methods to stop yourself from ejaculating.

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