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Why Not Ejaculate?

And Just To Leave You With The Disadvantages, By Cuming Too Quickly...

Many women are multi-orgasmic which tell us that their energy won't get depleted by orgasm. I strongly believe that you won't want to cum first when she's ready for more action from you. By having orgasm without ejaculating lets you repeat the whole lovemaking again.

Many men release lots of energy when they ejaculate which makes them sleepy, tired and lose the energy and desire to continue making love after ejaculating. They shut down emotionally and mentally as well as physically suddenly losing that closeness and intimacy women want. So remember to try not to cum too quickly and you can stay energetic for the whole night.

Do you know that many men's erections don't goes back to life after cuming? How long it takes to recover fast depend on the your age. For those aged 50 and above, they have to wait for a couple of days to recover the ability to stay long. Sex therapists call this the refractory period.

And Just To Leave You With The Benefits, By Not Cuming You Can...

By having orgasm without ejaculating you will be able to prolong the number of hours of orgasmic pleasure instead of just a few seconds of intense release. Is that what you want? A few seconds of pleasure? You can expect to experience continuous ecstasy at its peak throughout your whole body and you will be promoting your health, vigor, and mental clarity by retaining your energy.

Your relationship will deepen because you will be staying connected to your partner longer and deeper. The most important thing is that you will be able to fully satisfy your partner's unfulfilled sexual desires. The best thing is that you will have a bigger, stronger and longer-lasting orgasms when you finally choose to cum.

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