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Creating The Space For Love Play

You've to learn to cultivate ecstasy, to surrender to sensation, and to pursue pleasure with gusto. Just when you start feeling good, many of us are conditioned to feel we're being selfish, having too much fun, or don't deserve it.

You got to unlearn the guilt and resistance that's bred into you. Your bodies need to learn that pleasure is their birthright. Your atmospheric setting is very important. Clean and tidy up the area Pick up books, newspapers, remove dirty clothes, and anything that are of obstacle you. Get your sound system and music ready.

Collect incense, massage oil, condoms, and lubricant. Decorate the setting with flowers, lighted candles, and beautiful art. Connecting with your partners slowly, relaxing and touching your partners. Take a few moments to look deeply into each other's eyes.

Slowly undress each other clothes, caressing and complimenting each other's bodies. If possible, share a bath or shower, gently washing the outside world of each other. Merge into a long melting hug with all parts of your bodies' touching while synchronizing your breathing.

Opening your senses, breathing together, and massaging the whole body sensuously. Assist each other in opening all your senses. Lightly massage each other's face and hair while whispering sweet things. Relax each other by slowly massaging your hands and feet with a little oil.

Do breathing together. Lightly caress everywhere on your partner's body and slowly satisfying you partners. Listen to your heart, share feelings with your partner, and do what seems right in the moment. Your love life will blossoms when you take the time and care to create the right environment, mood, and physical space.

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