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Anal Orgasm And The Best Anal Sex Position

Though many women enjoy and take pleasure in anal simulation. Only a small number of women can achieve orgasm through anal simulation alone. It is attributed to the closeness of vaginal and anal nerve endings, especially those that border on each other.

This is often in conjunction with normal sexual activities, the orgasm is simply heightened by anal sex. Anal simulation can be extremely pleasurable to women during sex. You can try a little stimulation of the outer rings of the anus during sexual intercourse or during oral sex.

A number of women have been reported have surging and lasting orgasms when anal stimulation is combined with normal sexual activities. Anal sex is a tremendous tools to enhance your regular sexual activities. That's the reason why you should know about the best anal sex position which you can apply it to your sexual life.

Best Anal Sex Position

Ask you partner to lie on their back with their knees in the air. Then you should kneel or lie facing your partner and start inserting your penis at an angle that is comfortable to both. Take your time inserting into the penis to the anus. In this position, your partners can relax several of her muscles that are necessary for pleasurable anal sex. Take careful notice about your partner's facial reaction before you go all out.

What Is Orgasm?

You can think of an orgasm as a balloon. The longer you blow air into it, the bigger it will gets and the louder the bang when it pops. Orgasm consists of two stages. The first stage begins with the prostate gland, which encircle the urethra above the base of the penis.

It contracts and releases its fluids, along with the contents of the seminal vesicle, into the urethra. Most males feel like they are going to start a good sneeze however it may be too late to stop. Second stage begins with the pelvic muscle contracting strongly around the bulb.

This forces the fluid out under normal pressure. Orgasm is what man feels when all this is happening. Most men don't realize that he can have orgasm without ejaculating and this is possible. You will have to learn the Stop And Start or the Squeeze Methods which will make it possible not to ejaculate but have an orgasm.

That's exactly what you want to learn to do. Normally, the average male in his twenties takes less than 3 minutes to ejaculate. This will cheats him of a lot of fun and satisfaction that he could enjoy with prolong ejaculating control and doubly cheats the unfortunate female he prematurely has an orgasm into.

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