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So You Want To Be A Superstar

With talent-hunting shows sprouting faster than one can scream: "I'm the next big thing!", people must have grown very used to the idea that they can get their big break on national television. So, you think you've got what it takes to wow the glitzy showbiz world? Hold your horses and check out these pointers before making a dash for the red carpet.

Look Like A Million Bucks

Like it or not, the first requirement of the fame game is a  telegenic face. It may seem superficial, but armchair critics only enjoy ogling beautiful faces in the unforgiving entertainment industry. Pixie-faced babes like Jennifer Love Hewitt and Reese Witherspoon look great on the silver screen compared with their round or square-jawed counterparts, because those concave camera lenses can stretch out features by as much as 10 per cent and make ore look chubbier than one actually is. This is not to say the broad-featured shouldn't bother. The determined can overcome this entry-level obstacle by making the most of grooming, make-up, camera angles and lighting effects.

Do Your Homework

Instead of waiting around for a break, use the time to improve your craft. You never know when you'll need those skills if an opportunity turns up unexpectedly. Keep your eyes open. Keep abreast of subcultures, fashion and music trends, and entertainment news, so you know what works and what doesn't. Pick out a couple of areas or genres that interest you and take relevant courses. Try emulating your favorite artistes in front of friends to get feedback. (The mirror works just fine if your pals don't happen to be an encouraging bunch.) The more effort you put in, the easier it will be for you to rise to the occasion when you have to. Nothing beats sound research, preparation and consistent practice.

Grab It, Flaunt It

Keep a lookout for auditions and competitions to take part in. By doing so, you expose yourself to more opportunities and gain precious experience for the entertainment industry. Even if you do not succeed, learn from your mistakes and improve in the next round. The more you practise, the better you become.

Get Connected

Networking is a must for surviving in this line of work. You need as many relevant contacts as possible to build your reputation. The more people, you know, the greater your chances of marketing yourself. Enrolling as an intern or apprentice in the entertainment circuit helps too, because you'll pick up tips from stagehands and media professionals.

Make A Sales Pitch

Remember, there are tons of others out there who, like you, yearn to make it big. To stand out, you need to position yourself differently from the rest. The key idea is to create a niche (ie what's not already available in the entertainment marketplace) so that you can make a fresh impression on audiences.

Improve Yourself

To carve out a longer-lasting career, have a good supply of "ammunition" to last through a long-drawn battle towards stardom. Boost your star power by mastering a couple of skills pertinent to your vocation. Learn to play musical instruments, compose tunes or dance, if it helps you raise your market value.

Take Heart

Showbiz is not all glamour and glitz. It takes a lot of determination and hard work to stay afloat. Maintain a humble disposition and bounce back quickly when things get tough.

Can't Carry A Tune To Save Your Life? Note These Pointers If You Wish To Impress At Your Next Karaoke Session, Singing Competition Or Audition.

  • Vocal exercises are critical to maintaining and building your instrument - your voice. Lip-rolling on a variety of scales is a good way to start a warm-up routine.
  • Learn to breathe using your diaphragm when you sing. As a guide, picture an imaginary inner tube around your waist that you have to fill slowly and evenly with air.
  • Sing with your full, natural voice by developing vocal strength and coordination. Add subtle nuances to achieve the singing style you aspire to develop instead of blindly imitating your favorite KTV idol.
  • Control your singing by learning to manage a rhythmic breathing pattern. Always stand straight with shoulders relaxed, and open up your mouth by dropping your jaw when you sing so as to maintain an unobstructed vocal projection channel.
  • Communicate the music's message clearly and passionately. In your anxiety to present a flawless performance, you may overlook the emotive aspects of a song. It is crucial to understand and feel a melody, so that the singer can truly touch the listeners with a moving rendition.
  • Train in front of a mirror to confirm that certain actions are correctly carried out, or uncover bad habits. But should you make a mistake while on stage, do not falter or apologise to your audience. They are not likely to have noticed the flaw!

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