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Man With Breasts: Help, I've Got Moobs

While some girls try all means to get an enviable cleavage, it's bad news for men who have one. We finds out how to get rid of those moobs, or man boobs. Guys, do you have a more enviable cleavage than your girlfriends? And do you sometimes wonder if your pectorals resemble more like those of Angelina Jolie's and less those of Arnie's? Bad news. You probably have man breasts or "moobs". That is, male boobs which are a result of excess fat around the chest area. Medically, it is a condition known as gynocomastia. So if you are droopy and saggy, let Urban answer your most pressing bosom questions.

Help, I Think I Have Man Breasts. Can Exercise Make Them Go Away? I'm Usually Pretty Out Of Shape And Don't Watch My Diet

Man breasts are made up of body fat that has accumulated on the chest area. The good news is that such "breasts" can go = away with proper exercise. You need to have a total body workout with weights to tone and build up your muscles and cardiovascular training to encourage the fat-burning process. Exercise should be consistent at a frequency of at least twice a week and it should be increased as you progress. Ensure that you target the correct muscle groups when performing resistance training exercises. You need to pay attention to your eating habits as well to lower your caloric intake.

I Used To Work Out A Lot But Now That I Have A Busy Job I Haven't Had Time. Recently, l Feel That I've Been Developing Man Breasts. Why Is This So And What Should 1 Do?

Your diet has probably not changed much - and it should - in accordance with your reduction in physical activity since you have stopped exercising. This lea extra calories not used by the body, are then stored as body fat. This excess body fat causes the formation of man breasts. Your problem will worsen w your muscles shrink because of inactivity and age.

Exercise regularly, regardless of ho busy you are. If motivation is a challenge, I suggest you engage an experienced trainer, as he will guide you based on current fitness level to achieve your  fitness goals in a safe and effective way. Watch your food intake. Follow a balanced diet and minimise your intake of foods high in fat. This will help to red your body fat levels, not only removing your "breasts" but also bringing your content to a healthy level.

I Feel Self-Conscious About My Man Breasts And Nipples Showing Through My Clothing. What Kind Of Shirts Should I Wear And Which Ones Should I Avoid?

You should avoid wearing any knit fabric that is too thin or clingy. Opt instead for shirts with loose cuts. Darker shades and heavy, woven materials will help you conceal your problem better. For shirts, go for double oxfords rather than thinner materials like poplin. Casual wear is more tricky. Typical polo T-shirts in honeycomb material would work better than single jerseys which "hug" the contours of the body.

I Ran Long Distance Recently And Felt A Slight Burning Sensation On My Nipples. I Looked Down And Saw Blood Stains On My Jersey And Realised That My Nipples Were Bleeding. Why Did That Happen And How Can I Prevent It?

Bleeding nipples are common among long-distance male runners, especially marathoners. This is due to repeated chafing of the jersey against the chest, resulting in abrasion. The problem worsens with the distance of the run. It can be prevented, though. Wear shirts made of sweat-wicking fabric which keeps the skin dry. Use protective barriers like petroleum jelly (Vaseline) or cover the nipples with a bandage or a nipple shield. Or simply go topless. With these measures, you will not have to go through this unpleasant experience again.


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