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Children Speak Up

"I get nagged at whenever I use the phone. I'm obviously unhappy about it because the nagging starts as soon as I pickup the receiver! I think that my parents should understand my reasons for being on the phone, regardless of the call's purpose. They should take into consideration that I do better than the average student in school too. As for coming home late, my parents know that I run a really tight schedule, so they're pretty tolerant about it" Jaslyn, 16

"I get shouted at by my mother everytime I'm on the phone. As a result, even my friends get scared! Whenever my mother answers the phone call, my friends quickly hang up to avoid any trouble. I also get a scolding whenever I don't do too well at school or when I come home late. There's really no need for her to shout." Benjamin, 16

"The "Worst" for me is when my parents keep on pestering me to come back early. Either that, or they require me to call back home once in awhile, so that they can keep track of my whereabouts. Whatever the case, I dislike it." Paul, 15

"Once I came home late, some time around one o'clock in the morning. I knew that my parents were still awake but they refused to open the door. So, I just went over to my grandmother's place instead. It was only two hours later they let me in at home. I wish they would give me more freedom. I have a lot of friends and therefore spend more time with them either out or on the phone. Since we can only be teenagers once in a lifetime, we should be able to fully enjoy it. Every time I get a page from my mother, I have to go back home." Noris, 15

"They always ask me to study and study. Most of the time, they don't understand my problems with friends or not being able to cope with work. I've had several instances where my parents threatened to cut down on my allowance." Joanne, 14

Top 3 Parents' Nags

  • Why are you back so late?
  • You better not spend so much time on the phone!
  • Why are you going out with this girl/guy?

Top 3 Wishes For Parents

  • To be more understanding.
  • Allow more freedom.
  • Be more trusting.

Enterovirus-71 Strain Of Hand, Foot And Mouth Virus

What You Should Know And Do?


Fever, rashes on the hands, feet or buttocks, mouth ulcers, sore throat, runny nose, vomiting and diarrhea.

How It Is Transmitted

Via bodily fluids. It is easily passed among young children through sharing toys, or just close contact.


Washing hands properly, covering mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, cleaning and disinfecting shared toys with bleach, keeping sick children at home and keeping children away from crowded places.


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