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Save Energy, Money And The Earth

If you get a shock every time you receive your utilities bill, you should do something about it because the worldwide energy problem isn't going to be resolved any time soon. Since the cost of electricity is based on kilowatt hour (kWh) that is, is wattage and time -you need to either reduce electricity usage and/or use energy-efficient electrical appliances to shrink your bill.

The bulk of a typical household's electricity costs come from heating, cooling and lighting needs, so shop wisely for energy guzzlers like air-conditioners, heaters and bulbs. Energy efficient products can help cut a sizeable chunk off your bill.

It's Cool To Be Green

Inverter air-conditioning systems are based on a sophisticated technological development that enhances their performance and energy efficiency. Most conventional compressors run at a constant speed, and vary their heating and cooling capacity by switching on and off at different intervals. Inverters, on the other hand, control electrical current frequency according to the heat load of the room. The compressor in an inverter system is powered by a variable speed drive or "inverter" that enables it to run at different speeds, and adjusts output to the surrounding temperature.

Splash Out On The Right Water Heater

There are several ways to cut your water heating Use less hot water and lower the thermostat on your water heater. When buying a water heater, choose one to suit the of your household. For smaller households, an instant water heater may be adequate - such heaters do not keep reservoir of heated water for anticipated use. Users of tank heaters can save energy by replacing the switch with the E-Saver, a timing device which allows you preset the time you want the heater to be automatic switched off.

Bright Ideas

Energy-efficient bulbs save energy because they glow more brightly as standard bulbs of the same voltage.

Ways You Can Save The Earth

We all know the deal: the ozone layer is depleting, rainforests are dwindling, and the earth is slowing dying. Mother Nature is calling desperately for help, but few are answering. Fortunately, the path to saving the earth does not necessarily mean taking such big steps. To celebrate Earth Day on 22 April, practice these little acts of kindness that can help Mother Nature in the long run.

Shower To The Beat

Save water with this tip: We suggests cranking up your favourite song till it's loud enough to hear in the bathroom. Your challenge is to finish bathing by the time the song is over.

Switch It Off

The habit of keeping the television on even if you're not watching anything creates useless energy- and will also bloat your utilities bill.

It's Not Cool To Be Cold

Recommended temperature for air-conditioned buildings is between 23 and 25°C. So adjust your A/C thermostat - anything lower than that is a waste.

Eat Your Greens

Holopainen has an extreme suggestion for eco lovers - go vegetarian to lessen the strain on the earth's ecosystem.

It's The Tote That Counts

It's the tote that counts At the supermarket, pass on the plastic bags. Instead, buy a strong bag made of jute-it can carry as much as 10kg in weight. You can fold it into a tight square and stuff it into your handbag.

Work Smart

Professionals can implement more ecologically-friendly practices within the office. The next time you receive letters you do not plan on replying to, bunch these together into a scrap-paper pile.

Ditch The Styrofoam Cups

Instead of attempting to exhaust the office pantry's lifetime supply of non-biodegradable Styrofoam cups, bring a mug to work. Coffee tastes better in it anyway.

Join A Carpool

It beats driving to work alone because it reduces road congestion and helps lessen air pollution.

Sign Up

Find a cause-oriented group that needs volunteers. Whether it's saving the seas, growing trees, or protecting wild animals, find like-minded people who can show you the way, and make you an eco hero in the process.


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