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Signs That Say He’s Gay

You cant generalize and say all gays are arty. A homosexual could be a building contractor, construction worker, or a beet-swilling leather-clad biker. Or maybe your banker, lawyers or insurance agent. But there are also plenty of homosexuals out there who are:

High Creative

So they work in fields like advertising, architecture, graphic design, fashion, acting or hairdressing.


They work out at the gym, and buy the latest fashion, or body-enhancing clothes like tank tops and tight tees and jeans.

Into Grooming

They love aftershave, skincare products and trendy haircuts.

House Proud

Theyll decorate their homes with to-die-for collectibles.

Not Aware Of You As A Woman

They wont give you a once-over, or make intimate eye contact.

Can You Change Him?

Psychologists say being homosexual isnt something that can be switched on and off. A gay could be trying to conceal his homosexual tendencies or be confused about his sexuality. Hes got to work out his own devils. Many homosexuals are open about their feeling and act less swaggeringly macho than other men.


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