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Buying A Pet Bird

People keep birds for different reasons. Some keep them for their song, for their beauty, some for sport, and others for conservation (protection and breeding). Whatever the reason, the decision to keep a bird is an important one to make, for it will affect our lives as well as the life of the bird we wish to keep.

A few things we have to consider when buying a bird: cost, feeding, time and attention required, neighbors and noise as well as children and other pets. The purchase of a bird requires careful planning. Never buy a bird on impulse. Rather, take your time and dont be too ambitious.

Where To Buy?

If you have made up your mind to keep a bird, the next question is where to get the bird? Birds can be obtained from pet shops, breeders, private dealers and individuals. Do not be shy to ask around. Consult a veterinarian on what to look for. There are a couple of things one can look for when choosing a bird.

A bird that sits with fluffed up feathers half-closed eyes and is not bothered at all when you approach, should not be brought. This bird is probably sick. If a bird is healthy, it should appear bright and alert, its feathers smooth and held close to the body, its eyes clear and wide open. It should be looking around observantly and reacting to the behavior of other birds.

If you can, take the bird in your hands and feel its chest. If the breastbone sticks out sharply, the bird is thin and not likely to be a good bird to buy. You can also ask the bird-shop owner to catch the bird and hold it for you to examine. Take a look at the vent and see whether the feathers there are dirty. If they are, the bird is having diarrhoea and should not be brought.

You are advised to feel the chest of the bird only if it is fairly tame, otherwise the experience may be a painful one! If you are uncertain of the good health of the bird, get an assurance from the shop owner that you can get a replacement the next day or so. If the bird is found to be unhealthy, the best thing to do is to make an appointment, with your veterinarian and have the bird examined. This will ensure that you do not land up with a sick bird.


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