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Seriously Speaking

Getting people to listen and believe in what you say involves the words you use, the way you talk and how you behave. Whether you can influence and gain the respect of others depends on three factors:

Choice Of Words

You should expand your vocabulary and use it well, that does not mean you should habitually use complex words when simple ones would do the trick. It does, however, mean you can upgrade your language when appropriate to suit the audience. There is no need to show off your knowledge of the language, but the way you choose to express yourself in a business meeting can make the difference between being taken seriously and being ignored.

Avoid Exaggerated Superlatives

Instead of gushing that the meal was unbelievably good or fantastic, try excellent or splendid. If you are concerned about something, do not say you are worried sick. Words have tremendous power, not only to speak volumes about who you are.

Delivery And Tone

If there is one quality that, more than any other, impresses business people, it is confidence. When someone is confident, those listening are more likely to assume he is right. It is possible to dissect this appearance of self-confidence so that you can develop it for yourself. Think of someone in your organization who exudes self-confidence. Close your eyes and try to hear that person deliver a statement, perhaps at a meeting. What is the pitch of his voice? How quickly does he speak?

Body Language

When you spoke you need to look at the other person straight in the eye and adopt a facial expression that said you are confidence in your opinion. Have you ever notice peoples facial expressions when they are not actively involved in a conversation? Some faces in repose take on an angry look brows drawn together in a frown, mouth tight and down-turned. Perhaps the person is simply thinking about something that takes concentration, but someone else looking at him could be forgiven for thinking he was in a bad mood.

It is important to be aware of your body and what it is doing at any given time. Right now, for example, close your eyes and do not move. Now think about your right foot. Is it resting flat on the floor or crossed over your left ankle? Is it twirling? What about your facial expression do you actually know what expression you are wearing right now?


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