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Look closely the next time you talk to someone wearing braces. Chances are that the braces are in eye-catching colors such as hot pink, neon yellow and electric blue. Braces are essentially wires with elastics, and their constant force shifts misaligned teeth into place. Early treatment during childhood or adolescence is recommended though healthy teeth can be aligned at any age, with results hinging more on the health of the teeth, gums and bones.

Beware of those cheap, fake cosmetic braces which are glued to the teeth and sold as do-it-yourself kits in stores. Authentic braces are usually made of nickel titanium and stainless steel wires which have a certain level of springiness to reposition teeth into place. Artificial braves use passive wires which contain lead. It could cause lead poisoning and be fatal. Another healthy risk can hit those with metal allergies. Fake braces with nickel or lead could trigger an allergic reaction, and the mouth could become read and swollen.

You don't have to look like a metal mouth just because of braces. Let your teeth sparkle with these two teeth decoration methods.

Tooth Jewellery

Now you can dazzle people with a chic, colored jewel on your tooth. The dentist will clean a spot on the tooth before applying a special adhesive and sticking the jewel on. Blue light is then used to dry the adhesive. It can last for a year.

Tooth Art

Need another body part to beautify? Move on to your teeth with these temporary decals with designs like a peace sign or a smiley face. After cleaning and drying your tooth, the dentist will smoothen the decal onto the centre of the tooth.

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