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Look Smart Facial Hair

At some point in life, every men experiments with facial hair. Like a haircut, it can alter your appearance dramatically. Facial hair is often worn as a badge of masculinity. On a more functional level, facial hair is good for camouflaging acne or scars. But cultivating it is tricky. It can either make or break your appearance. The rule thumb is to seek balance. Facial hair adds visual weight to the face. Knowing how to balance out asymmetry in your features and hide your flaws with facial hair is half the battle won. The other half rests on how you maintain it in tip-top condition. Here is a guide on what follicular styles suit which face types.

Long Face

Go for a five o'clock shadow. It add depth to a long, flat face. It also gives a sense of ruggedness and masculinity. Shave every couple of days. Sport stubble, not hair. The best time to shave is after a hot shower as the heat opens up the pores and softens the hair, preventing cuts and giving a closer shave.

Diamond Face

Go for sideburns. Diamond faces have pronounced cheekbones. Being at the sides of the cheekbones, sideburns either help to downplay or accentuate these widest points of the face. Keep them no longer than the length of your ears and they help to de-emphasise the harsh cheekbones. Longer and thicker sideburns add width, giving the illusion of a rounder face. Humid weather makes hair grow faster so trim your sideburns every three to six weeks. Keep an electric razor at hand.

Wide Face

Go for a narrow eyebrow trim. Wide faces need to have a narrower gap between the eyebrows to make the features look closer together. Conversely, those with compact features should trim their brows further apart, or wear thick puppy-like sideburns to draw visual weight away from the centre of the face. Eyebrow-trimming is best done by professional.

Big Nose

Go for a wide eyebrow trim. Having a large nose give the impression that one is aggressive. You can downplay this with a wider spacing between the brows. This will not only make your face look less intense, but it will also make your nose look smaller. Eyebrow-trimming is best done by professional.

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