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Moustache Or Goatee?

Moustache or goatee, facial hair is in vogue. Let finds out how you can put your best hairy face forward. Here is a guide on what follicular styles suit which face types.

Bony Face

Go for a goatee. It adds weight and softens your angular face structure. If you have a round, or worse, a double chin, a Vandyke can help sharpen the features. This is the most high-maintenance of styles. A goatee requires a daily trim. To cultivate one, leave the moustache and your chin alone when you shave. As your goatee slowly takes shape, check for uneven hair-lengths and trim as needed. Let it grow for another fortnight. Inspect for symmetry and shape it. Use anti-inflammatory, lubricating and softening shaving oil.

Dreamy Face

Go for a beard. Beards are perceived to be worn by intellectuals, so it makes one look smarter. To maintain it, wash the beard daily but never with soap. Hair is coarser on the face than those on the head, so shampoo and condition once a week - with the same products you use for your hair. Brush your beard weekly in direction you want it to lay and trim it with scissors.

Baby Face

Go for a moustache. It makes you look older and draws attention away from your boyish features. A moustache work better on a long face like a line drawn across, it breaks up the face. If you have a round or square face, short neck and bulky shoulders, , you have a lot of upper body mass going on. It is then best to keep facial hair to a minimum. Shampoo and condition your moustache regularly and keep check on uneven hair growth by trimming regularly.

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