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Hat Trick

Authentic cowboy gear has cultural significance - the shape and height of a cowboy hat differs according to region - but the new trend places more emphasis on a general air of rugged masculinity. Here are some tips on how to carry off a cowboy hat.

  • The hat is a good accessory to jazz up a chic outfit for a night out. Try felt hats in dark colors for a glam look.
  • Coordinate your hat and jacket colors.
  • Add a stylish touch with a feather.
  • Make sure the rum of your hat is not too wide in proportion to your head.
  • The cowboy hat is better suited to the young. But if you really must have that hat, pick one in more somber colors.
  • Don't overdo the cowboy look. Wear you hat with a tight checked shirt, jeans, and boots only if you're from the Village People or a line-dancing troupe.

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