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Getting The Mattress Tips

Science tells us that we spend at least one third of each day sleeping. This means that we spend more time on the bed than any other piece of furniture. Therefore getting the right mattresses ought to be worth every cent we spend on it.

Resilience And Firmness

"You sleep best when your bed keeps you cradled in comfort, secure and cosy," says the Better Sleep Council. For where there is right support in a mattress, there will be resilience. Resilience aids in cushioning and contouring of the body of the sleeper. At the same time, the cushioning and upholstery layers should remain stable without shifting or bunching even when the sleeper moves.

Superior beds have their distinct multilayered upholstery system of comfort. For some, top grade European Damask or knit cover is specially knitted to keep the surface smooth and prevent the material from shifting. High density foam padding adds superior cushioning comfort while a double layer of high density foam is deep quilted to the mattress cover to give surface luxury and durability.

For the desired degree of firmness, thick pre-compressed palm fibre is used in the upholstery layers. Thick pre-compressed needle-punched cotton felt is also used to help the mattress withstand all kinds of body impressions. A warning on the word "firm" found in product labels. Never rely on product labels that tell you which mattress will give you the right support. One manufacturer's "firm" may feel harder than another's "extra firm". The only way to lie on it yourself.
Latex mattresses are a good alternative for those who do not like springs. They are naturally anti-bacteria, mildew and dust mite resistant. Contrary to popular belief, latex mattresses are not warm but cool. The Dunlop SP latex mattress has 250,000 pores per cubic inch. Further it has pincore holes to enhance breathability and ventilation.

Good Foundation

A good mattress foundation should never be ignored. First, never put a new mattress on an old foundation just to save money. When you select a mattress, you should buy its companion foundation as both are designed to work best together. Second, look for a true spring system. A good divan system should also be a true spring system and not a torsion bar box, hard spring or a divan box with no flexibility. Bear in mind that the springs in the divan take 50 percent of the sleeper's weight.

Orthopedic Beds

Those with real back problems should be cautioned against rushing to buy beds labelled as "orthopedic" or "chiropedic". The term "orthopedic" or any other related terms generally denote extra firm mattresses. It is not guaranteed to take care of a sleeper's bad back. 


Do not expect your mattress to last for forever. The quality of materials, engineering and mattress handling determine how long the mattress and its foundation can last. A bed set may not break down after 15 years, but it cannot afford you the best comfort and support you are supposed to be getting. After 10 years, chances are that the best mattress will not be able to give you the best level of support and comfort. The best assurance of good performance is to buy the best quality mattress you can afford.

Also do not depend on the mattress warranty to tell you how long you should keep your mattress and foundation. The warranty is to protect against manufacturing defects but not against Gradual loss of comfort and support. Most bed makers grant a first one-year replacement of mattress and parts and 10 years of warranty period for service/repairs.

A Naked Bed

If you have allergies, toss the foam mattress that's on top of your bed. A study in Norway found that foam mattresses are magnets for dust mites, one of the leading indoor causes of allergy symptoms.


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