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Repair A Leaking Tap

If a tap is leaking, the rubber of plastic washer probably needs replacing. You may not see yourself as a plumber, but this is one job you can do without calling experts in.

Here's How To Replace A Worn-Out Tape Washer

  • Turn of the water supply. Then turn on the tap to release any remaining water in the pipes. Plug the sink to stop screws or other small items from going down the plughole.
  • Most taps have a cap with red or blue color on it (indicating hot or cold water). Lift this off with the tip of a small flathead screwdriver. Underneath, you will find the handle screw which holds the tap together. Undo the screw and lift the tap handle off the spindle.
  • With a suitable spanner, loosen the tap valve fully. Grasp the tap spout to prevent it from moving as you loosen the valve. Take out the valve. (some taps have fixed jumpers which can't be removed.)
  • Some tap washers are held in place with a nut which must be removed to pull off the old washer. If not, the washer can be prised off. If you are doing this for the first time, do keep the old washer so you'll know what size to buy when you shop for a new one.
  • Before replacing the washer, lubricate interior parts with grease or other lubricants to make assembly easier.
  • Put the new washer in place and reassemble all parts.
  • If the tap still leaks, the tap seat could be damaged. While changing the washer, check that the seat for the washer is in good condition. If not, it will need regrinding. You may even have to get a new tap.

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