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Getting Wired Up

Generally, orthodontics use a wide array of complicated wire, jack screws elastics and 'retainer-like' appliances to accomplish their goals. But there have been many technological advances made and these include computers to create the ideal orthodontic result. Special computer generated aligners are used slowly move teeth and this is used primarily on adults and mature teens. This method is popular because the aligners are nearly invisible, unlike the mainstream method in which braces are fixed in front of teeth, making them clearly visible.

For brushing teeth with braces attached, the use of an interdental brush is recommended. This toothbrush has a very small tapered or cylindrical head with fine brushes which are able to reach in between the retaining wires to clean teeth.

Other advances in the field include the use of space-age materials on brackets that can be bonded onto the teeth. These materials have replaced the stainless steel brackets that were used previously. Benefits of these materials include better comfort, decreased treatment time and fewer trips to the orthodontist.

If a need arises, orthodontists work closely with facial surgeons to help in the reconstruction of a patient's facial features which have been severely damaged. In the reconstruction process, the surgeons, in consultation with the orthodontist, apply their expertise to restore the person's facial features as well as the function of the teeth and jaw.


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