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High-tech Gives More Than Cool Air

Many people must surely rate the air-conditioner as one of their favorite invention. With the heat and humidity, the air conditioner is indeed a necessity. Air-conditioners, as with many other appliances, have undergone a technological evolution. Because of the improving quality life with consumers, new demands have been made on air-conditioning units and manufacturers have answered the calls with some very innovative technologies.

Air-conditioners these days do more than just supply cool air to reduce temperatures. Indeed, multi-tasking is the key words as air-conditioners, especially the multi-split types, are now endowed with a variety of features that benefits health and help balance the budget. A recent innovation is inverter technology which has been adopted by many manufacturer

With the old technology, the compressor worked on two speed: low and high. This resulted in temperature fluctuations, high energy consumption and noisy operation. Inverter technology matches the compressor speed to the operating conditions, thus ensuring optimal efficiency. The benefits are stable temperature, low energy consumption and low noise.

But air-conditioners these days offer even more. With so much emphasis on a healthy lifestyle, air-conditioners not only provide cool comfort, many of them are air purifiers, ionisers and some even have deodorizers. Air purifying technology include the use of supersonic waves which work together with a filter to collect dust and dirt. Ionisers are used to generate negative ions which have been known to increase physical and mental alertness and reduce fatigue. And lastly, deodorizers filter out offensive odours. With new, stylish designs, smart and health-giving technologies, the use of air-conditioners will sure proliferate.


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