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More Than Just Muscle

Moving house is a major operation and one in which the head of the household will not look forward to. Moving house does involve a lot of preparation work, and when the day arrives, there will be sweat, toil and may be some tears. Here are some tips on how to choose a good mover.

When Speaking To A Mover, Here Are Some Questions That Should Be Asked

  • How long has the company been in the business?
  • Is there a third party supplier involved?
  • Are there any other fees involved besides the amount quoted?
  • Is there insurance coverage and if yes, who pays for the insurance bill?
  • Exactly, how will the move be planned and executed?

From the answers, one will be able to gauge the professionalism of the mover and the level of service provided. Today the really professional mover is able to provide more than manpower and transportation. Movers know well that many of the items are of high-value, precious or have sentimental value and so, will outline to the client, the measures taken to prevent breakage or damage. A professional mover should give a detailed plan of the move and the logistics involved.

The Members Of The Household Can Help Themselves By Doing The Following

  • Get the mover to supply the proper material for packing.
  • Pack one room at a time and label the boxes appropriately.
  • Put heavy items in small boxes.
  • Plan ahead for what is needed the first day after the move.
  • If there are kids, pack their stuff in special boxes and point them out to the movers for priority removal.
  • Make sure there is parking space for the trucks.
  • Clear the pathways of clutter for the movers to move about safely and efficiently.
  • Mark and label boxes that contain flammable items.

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